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Oct 22, 2005

I have been smoking meats for a couple of years and have always found this forum helpful. I have also learned that as I have become more proficient on the pit I have become more popular with family and friends. I started off with a Weber Smoky Mountain and really like it. My dilemma is this. I do a lot of brisket, shoulder, turkey and ribs. Typically, I am BBQing for 15 people or less in which case the bullet provides ample capacity. However, at least 6 to 10 times a year I am cooking for 30 to 50 or more. Usually, for these occasions I end up cookng multiple days, storing some BBQ in the fridge and re-heating the day of the gathering. I am interested in looking into getting a larger smoker but unsure of what the next step up should be. I haven't found any great websites and am leery of ordering a unit sight unseen over the net without some guidance from those with actual experience with the smoker. Ideally, I would like something that can do 1.5x to 2x the quantity that I can I can do with the bullet (particularly with regard to ribs where now I can only do about 3 slabs at a time. I don't want to break the bank and I don't want to sacrifice the quality and ease of use (i.e., no need to modify) of the bullet. Any suggestions or should I just resign myself to multiple days of cooking for the bigger events. As always thanks in advance for your help.
Bubba has a great idea, why fix something that aint broke? ............ You can also introduce rib racks to multiply the amount of ribs you can do in the chamber at one time.
I use a GOSM Big Block with great results. You can really load that thing up if you wanted to. There is enough room to feed a small army
The 24 inch Camp Chef Smoke Vault! It's a gasser and very easy to use and produces some great 'Q. I bought mine based on Debi's recommendation and haven't looked back.
Appreciate the insights and suggestions. I will look into the verticals and the GOSM. In the short term the rib rack suggestion is helpful. If I can't find something I like getting another bullet would not be the end of the world. Thanks again and Happy 4th to all.
Isn't there some type of extension that weber has for there WSM that allows for more cooking area? I've seen it somewhere else I just can't remember where. I have CRS.(can't remember shit) is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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