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Discussion in 'Beef' started by thepackerbacker, Apr 13, 2014.

  1. Smoked a brisket, didn't have the heart to shut down the smoker as it was humming along quite nicely this morning when I pulled the brisket.

    Ran to the store and and picked up a spoon toast that the pitcher had already marinaded. Figured it saved me a step.

    Got it in at the same 225 temp.

    Question is, how long do I cool? Needs to be ready to eat in 8 hours. Do I bring it to 125 and wrap letting it come up to 135 ish for what I hope is medium rare?

    Or do I cook the crap out of it so it "falls apart"? Or is that even possible with a roast?[​IMG]
  2. alblancher

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    Ok I'll bite  What's a spoon toast and a pitcher have to do with BBQ??
  3. noboundaries

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    I looked up a spoon roast and it is a top sirloin.  Go with the lower finishing temp.  I'd take it to 130 IT but that's personal preference.  At 225-250F it should be ready to pull off the smoker in two to four hours depending on the size.  It looks like about a 3 lb'er based upon the size of the roast compared to the probe, so closer to two.
  4. It's a 3 pounder and yea I kind of figured would go quick. Ok I'll pull and wrap. Post some photos when I slice I to it.
  5. Ok, done already. Guess I'm heading back to the store for more meat!!! Just can't stop, I'm addicted and it would be such a shame to kill the beautiful smoke coming from the AMNPS. It's wrapped and in the cooler with the brisket.[​IMG]
  6. noboundaries

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    Man, that bug has bitten you HARD!  SPOG a pork loin, another quick smoke.
  7. [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
    Pea risotto, roasted sweat potatoes, and a homemade Asian slaw. Soon roasts turned out great, at along side a ton of other meat. Pure gluttony!
  8. Quite a spread!  Looks great.

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