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Discussion in 'Charcoal Smokers' started by jaguarjim, May 16, 2011.

  1. I just got my Smokenator 1000 in the mail today.  Now I have to wait all week for the weekend to arrive to give it a whirl.  Could have used it yesterday, but still eating off that pulled pork so it's all good. [​IMG]
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    looking forward to the Q-view!  Congrats on the Smokinator, condolences on having to wait until the weekend! [​IMG]
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    Can't wait to see what you think of it.
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    I will be sitting here by my laptop anxiously awaiting your report......good luck!
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    Someone else here just posted using one of those.  Looking forward to seeing your thoughts
  6. Update:  I'm currently using the smokenator for the first time.  See my post with on-going Q-view HERE.

    I have been able to keep the dome temperature in the 210-225 range and the grate temperature around 180 -194 degrees.  I am looking for that low and slow cook and thus far the smokenator has provided me that.  Believing is in tasting, so I will reserve a complete endorsement of the Smokenator until I reach that 200 degree temperature for my Butt.  Really looking forward to some pulled pork.  [​IMG]
  7. I recently got a smokenator too and have used it 3 times (2 test runs). I'm still figuring it out. I need to keep the lower vent half way closed and start the upper vents around 3/16 and see where the temp settles. Measuring the dome temperature didn't work so now I go with the grate temp.

    Last weekend I tried RO and that seemed to burn fast but the fatty turned out perfect. Hope to try another one and a bacon explosion this weekend.
  8. Did you purchase the Taylor thermometer (model 5911N)?  I found that I had to manipulate that clip in a manner that would allow the tip to not touch the cover.  Could that be why your dome temps were off?
  9. Yes I had a candy thermometer but in the end scraped using it and went with a polder on the grate sitting on two radishes. Besides having the trouble with the clip I don't like the idea of reducing the top vent area. Now there are no worries about accuracy.

    I've marked where 225 deg is on the bottom vent handle and run with the top vents all the way open- it holds a steady temp, last night was 231.

    Kingsford is easy to work with, RO is quite a job after a few hours.
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     I will add something here. Most of the time I do butts in the 250º range, but there was a time where I had to rush the dinner up and after foiling I moved the smoker temp up to 325º or so. You know, there was really no difference in the butt. It pulled just as if I had left it alone at 250º. Just something to think about.

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