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smoked Top Sirloin Roast - 1st try

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The other day, I was in Fry's (Arizona version of Kroeger) and saw this 8.8 lb whole Top Sirloin and decided to get it and try it on the smoker.  Then my wife had to leave town to go see her brother, so I put it in the freezer for a week.  I took it out and thawed it for a couple of days in the fridge.

I brushed it with EVOO, sprinkled some coarse sea salt, coarse ground black pepper and some Doc Kendrick Elk Steak Rub.  I was estimating 6 hours to get to an IT of 130F.  As you  will see below, I ran longer than that.

Put it fat cap up in a pan with minced garlic, carrots and onions underneath the rack and put it in the smoker set to 220F with a mixture of Hickory, Red Oak and Mesquite.  I also had an AMNPS loaded with more Mesquite & Red Oak going to add smoke.

After 2 hours, I plugged in the meat thermometer and was surprised to see the center reading just 32F!  Obviously, I had not completely thawed it.  After 3 hours the IT was up to 71, so it was cooking fine.

I added some beef broth to the vegis in the pan also at this point.

At 5.5 hours, it was only up to 118F (my target IT was 130F), and I was getting hungry, so I boosted the temp to 275 to help it along and build a bit more crusty outside.  I also threw some Russet potatoes in, brushed with EVOO also at that point.

At 7.5 hours, it had finally gotten to an IT of  130F.  I took it off, wrapped it in foil and a heavy towel and let it sit for 40 minutes.  While waiting, I strained the juice from the pan and put that into a little pot to warm up.

Carved a few 1/4-1/2 inch slices for the missus and I.  Dang, but she reached right under my knife and grabbed the end slice with all that bark and didn't share!

Outside was medium, but we decided to not cut into the middle for the rare part for dinner.

Beautiful smoke ring and this was the most tender roast beef we had ever had.  It just about melted in our mouths!  (The potatoes were on a side plate - but the beef was king tonight.

Here are the slices closest to the end - you can see the bark and smoke ring.

The wife said this was the best she had ever tasted.  We had brought out some freshly grated horseradish, but neither of us used it - the beef was so good all by itself, with some of the Au Jus poured over it.

The rest of the roast got re-wrapped and put back into the fridge.  Tomorrow morning, I'll put it on the meat slicer and slice it up thin for snacking and Sammies.

This definitely goes on the to be done again list!


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Nice! I'll have to try this out. I can't seem to get them tender. Love that Sirloin flavor and if I could get them tender it would be great.

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