Smoked & Seared Tomahawks For A Friend In Need (Heavy Q-View)

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I Prefer an aged Tequila to Bourbon for sipping or shots. I'm sure I would have A LOT more Tequila Stories...If I could only Remember them!...JJ
Damn Robert you killed it on those tomahawks. They look cooked to perfection! Whole meal looks fantastic. Great to help a friend in need. BIG LIKE all around!
Thank you sir but for starters, it's not my puppy. That's Tracy's dog through and through. The only time she wants anything to do with me is when I'm playing with food....and you know the old saying: if the shoe fits....that dog looks like a 55 gallon drum on short little legs Robert [/QUOTE]

You have most likely given that cute little beagle a complex Robert! Have you tried letting her sleep on your pillow as a way to become more endearing to her
Bed Bob.jpg

Maybe cuddling up together for some TV?
Couch Potato.jpg

When I get down there I'll send Bob over to show you a few pointers on puppy happiness. RAY
Wow what a meal! You certainly don’t disappoint! Those tomahawks are perfection!

Dessert looks wonderful too. When I saw Tillamook I immediately thought it was cheese-flavored ice cream until I read the label.

Thats one fine looking feed there, you did that steak justice.
Can I ask you, to ask your friend about her Guacamole and Corn Salsa, or do you have a great one.?
That really caught my eye
Or I could ask the general board
Yeah, I know---I've been slacking!!
I just found this one & I love it.
Nice Tomahawks, Robert!!

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