Smoked Salmon, easy peasy! (with a bonus!)

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  1. I just read a post on smoked salmon and thought I'd add my own.  Salmon is one of the easiest meats to smoke and one can turn out smoked salmon better than store bought every time.  It can be hot smoked, cold smoked, dry brined, wet brined, add spices or the kiss method.  I prefer the KISS method, especially when starting out.  I typically make smoked salmon dip, if eating it as a main course, I would lower the amount of salt and brining time.


    1 gal water

    1 cup brown sugar

    1 cup kosher salt

    Brine over night.  Drain brine, pat dry, place in refrigerator to let the skin dry off.

    Smoke using fruit wood or hickory at 225 (hotter if you'd like) skin side down until it flakes with a fork, a couple hours or so depending on thickness of the fillet, maybe 165 degrees.

    That was the kiss method.  You can add more spices to the brine to your liking, or sprinkle them on top.

    Now for the bonus:

    Easy Peasy Smoked Salmon Dip:

    This dip recipe is easy and will bring a grown man to his knees, or at least elicit a groan after the first bite.

    1 lb. smoked salmon

    1 cup sour cream

    8 oz. philly cream cheese, softened

    2 tbs. or so chopped green onion

    2 tbs. chopped parsley

    1/2 tsp. white pepper - can use black pepper, more or less to taste

    1 tbs. or so of lemon juice

    No salt needed - it's in the fish.

    Mix it up in a food processor. I like it chunky, but processed closer to pate works good too.

    Serve with wheat thins, triskets, what ever you like.

    I promise this will be a crowd pleaser.  I bring it in to work every once in awhile, it goes quickly.

    ***Make sure you smoke enough salmon, because when you taste it right out of your smoker, more will be eaten than intended, thus affecting your dip recipe!

    It's salmon season again here and everyone is impatiently waiting for more of my dip.  I usually have enough fish frozen to last the year, but my son unplugged my fish freezer this last winter and we didn't realize it until the "what's that smell?" thought passed through my brain.

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