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Smoked pulled pork chili

Discussion in 'Pork' started by greg b, Oct 31, 2013.

  1. greg b

    greg b Smoke Blower

    With the cooler fall temps it was time for a big ol pot of chili. I had a couple pounds of pulled pork left over so I thought, why not? Let me tell ya, the smoky aroma was enough to make me drool the whole time it was simmering. Here's what I used:

    1 lb. Smoked pulled pork

    2 med. yellow onions, chopped

    4 cloves fresh garlic, minced

    1 lg can of tomato juice

    2 15 oz. cans of diced, roasted tomatoes with garlic

    1 lg can of dark chili beans

    1 15 oz. can whole kernel corn

    1 packet of McCormick chili seasoning

    2 tsp Ancho chili powder

    1 tsp salt

    1 tsp fresh ground black pepper

    I put the pork, onion and garlic in the pot on high heat and stirred it around until the onions were almost transparent. Then I added the rest of the ingredients, stirring after each. I let it come to a boil then turned it down and let it simmer for a little over an hour. I'm not one to pat myself on the back but I did on this one! Topped with some shredded cheddar and sour cream, peanut butter sandwich and a cold glass of milk on the side, you can't go wrong![​IMG]
  2. cappyr

    cappyr Meat Mopper

    That soun ds really good.  We use left over pork like that in beans, and leftover chicken in soup, gumbo we have done bbq spegetti a few times but neva thought of chilli.  Great iidea[​IMG]   bet it would be great with diced left over brisket too[​IMG]
  3. pgsmoker64

    pgsmoker64 Master of the Pit Group Lead OTBS Member

    Where is the qview?

    No pics, never happened!

  4. greg b

    greg b Smoke Blower

    It didn't last long enough to get pics! Maybe next time! Sorry Bill!
    That sounds like a great idea too!
  5. cappyr

    cappyr Meat Mopper

    Not havin a pic of the finished product all plated up is a compliment in my world[​IMG].  When it's so good folks dig in and forget the camera that's a good compliment to ya stuff.  I have many blog posts with pics of the process.  Sadly we seldom ever get a plated one.  BBQ is slow and ample time for beers, which sharpens appetites.  bout the only thing I get plated pics of is fast cookin stuff like fish.
  6. pgsmoker64

    pgsmoker64 Master of the Pit Group Lead OTBS Member

    Alright Greg....We'll let it slide this time  [​IMG]

    But next time....gimme a little something....samples below of my last pulled pork chili!!!!  Awesome!

  7. greg b

    greg b Smoke Blower

    Looks delicious Bill!