Smoked 'n Sous Vide Venison Summer Sausage

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Mossy Mo how did you calculate the 3 hrs @ 155 in sous vide? Plan on doing thevsame after christmas so i am just trying to figure out the required time for sausage with this diameter.
I'd like to know more about this too. If I apply 3-4 hours of smoke to a batch of sausage and for arguments sake the IT is only 120 degrees... how do I know long to souvide for?
Baldwin studied sous-vide and wrote some books...  He also put this free guide up for us...    The temp you previously brought the meat to, has no bearing on final cook time...   Find the chart that best describes the meat you have and follow his time / temp / thickness guidelines.....    Remember, when smoking meats, ALWAYS continue with the temperature to finish the cook...   DO NOT partially cook any meat and put in the refer....   bacteria has had a chance to grow during the heating up process and then will continue to grow during the cooling process....   It is very important to take the meat up to the kill temperature before cooling it off.....
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