Smoked my first Chuck Roast.....

Discussion in 'Beef' started by danny45, Feb 24, 2011.

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    .... the other night and it was delicious!!!  Only problem was, a 3 pound roast didn't last very long with 5 adults and 2 kids eating it.  Sorry, no Q View as I haven't figured that part out yet.  Still trying to learn to cook.  :D

    Anyways, I took the roast and rubbed mustard over it, then coated it with Head Country Seasoning.  Then threw it on the off-set smoker.  About every hour I sprayed it with apple juice.  It wasn't hard keeping the temp at 225, but it took forever for that roast to cook.  Outside temp was in the low 50s and I was using whole hickory logs, and it took me 6 hours to get the internal temp to 165 (medium).  Anyways, after that I double wrapped it in foil and put it in the oven at a very low temp to rest for 3 hours.

    For you pros, should I have moved the roast closer to the heat source to shorten the cooking time?  (it was at the far end away from the fire box to prevent burning)
  2. You shouldn't have any problems doing a Chuck roast at 250º, and you would be surprised how much of a time difference that extra 25º makes.  

    Just as a side note, I know everyone loves spraying apple juice, but I am an advocate of apple cider vinegar instead.  Try it next time and see what you think.
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    Thanks, I will.
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    Sorry, but I have to be the one to say it.


    It's really easy to add pics to your post, just click on the insert image icon at the top of the text box & follow the prompts.

    Glad your roast turned out well!
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    Danny it sounds like a huge success... Congratulations!!! [​IMG]
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  7. rbranstner

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    X3 hahaha

    Glad it all turned out for your. I agree you can bump the temps up if you want it to get done faster. I smoke a lot of my stuff at or around 250.
  8. pit 4 brains

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    I can only IMAGINE how good it looked... Chucks are great for learning since they take some incredible abuse..
  9. beer-b-q

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    Congratulations on your first Chuckie...
  10. tyotrain

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    Sounds like your chuck turned out great.

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