Smoked Ham & ABT's on MES40 with Plenty of Q-View

Discussion in 'Pork' started by callahan4life, Dec 19, 2011.

  1. Yesterday my son and I took a Smithfield Spiral Sliced Ham and rubbed it down with paprika, white sugar and onion powder. We wrapped it and stashed in the fridge overnight (actually about 24 hours).

    Today we took it out and put it in my MES40 at 250*F for 3 hours.

    I was also using my AMZNPS with a mixture of hickory and maple pellets.

    My wife made a glaze with butter, dark brown sugar, molasses, apple cider, Jack Daniel’s and cinnamon. I poured the warm glaze over the ham after it was removed from the smoker.

    We also made a few ABT'S stuffed with 4-blend Mexican shreaded cheese.

    Other sides (not smoked) were green beans, candied yams and cornbread.


    This is about 1 1/2 hours in (as we added the ABT's


    About 2 1/4 hours




    At 3 hours removed from the smoker


    All glazed up



    ABT's ready for the smoker


    Into the smoker


    About 1 1/4 hours in


    ABT'S done at 1 1/2 hours in



    All plated and ready to eat




  2. bmudd14474

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    Looks great :yahoo:
  3. big andy a

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    Nice Q-View!  Great looking meal  [​IMG].

  4. sprky

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    Excellent Q-view great job[​IMG]
  5. smokinal

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    That's a delicious looking meal David!

    Great Q-view too!
  6. roller

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    Bet that was good...
  7. mballi3011

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    Now thats a nice dinner plate you have there.
  8. sunman76

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    10 out of 10 in my book..[​IMG]
  9. slief

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    Damn that looks great. I have been wanting to smoke a ham for a long time and really want to use a Smithfiled Ham as everybody raves about their cured hams. The only Smithfield hams I can find locally are those spiral cut ones. I have passed on them because they are pre-cut and figured they would come out on the dry side. Was it real moist? Would you go that route again? I might just have to add one to the XMAS meal list. Thanks for posting!

  10. This was a first for me and a precurser to our New Years Day Meal.  The ham was very juicy. Your only smoking it for 3 hours at 250*, so I dont think there is much chance of drying it out. Remember it is already cured and cooked by Smithfield. Later tonight, I'll type it up for my Recipe Computer Program and send you a copy if you want it. I WILL be doing this again and not just at holidays either.
  11. slief

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    Thanks for the reply! Just what I wanted to hear. I would love to have your recipe! I might just use  it, if not a variation of it. I'm deep frying a Turkey for XMAS and I think I will be adding a smoked ham to the meal. I've been looking for a cured but uncut Smithfield Ham for the last month but the only place I can find them is online which does not satisfy my need for instant gratification and is also very expensive. I will be hitting Vons tomorrow if not later tonight to grab a spiral cut Smithfield to add to XMAS dinner!   
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  12. Get you about a 10# one, preferably the shank end ( I think it has more spiral slices). I'll get that recipe to you tonight.
  13. slief

    slief Smoke Blower

    I'm on it. They had the ones with the bone in em around Thanksgiving and that was exactly what I was going to look for. I'm reasonably certain they should have them now as well. My fingers are crossed! Thanks again!
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  15. smokin - k

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    Nice work David! Lunch can't come soon enough.. Happy Smoking, Smokin - K
  16. driedstick

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    yUUUUUUUUUUUMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM i am doing ham also for xmas it will be my first try.
  17. frosty

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    Well done!  THat is one fine looking plate, and I be the cooking team brings home a bunch of trophies!  [​IMG]
  18. kb3ejw14

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    That was a good looking plate of food...........
  19. Thanks David--- I am a newbie and was just gonna post and ask about Smokin a Spiral Cut ham.... Looks Delicious!!!! Merry Christmas to you and yours sir...
  20. Yum. Looks great!

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