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    I am an Aussie in a very small country town. I use a UDS and usually smoke brined chickens using a Jeff Phillips brine. I won't post his link here as I am not aware of your rules as yet and if the site is a friend or foe of yours. It calls for Zatarains liquid shrimp and crab boild and what I have gone through to get that down under is a story in itself!

    My next mission is a recipe from my favorite book 'charcuterie' by Ruhlman & Polcyn. It is their smoked duck ham on P82 of their hard cover. Anyhoo, if you don't have this book it uses 6 whole duck breasts brined in salt,sugar,madeira,maple syrup,pink salt,thyme,bay leaves,juniper berries and sage.

    How do you guys think whole ducks, which i have ready to go, would substitute for the breasts?

    It is the first time I have used pink salt and I am wondering whether this may pool or be condensed in the joints in the wings etc.?

    Nice forum guys and gals. You Americans are serious foodies.

    Cheers from Aus

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    Jeff's the founder of this forum. If it's one of the publicly available recipes I'm sure it is fine.

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