Smoked Chuckies vs. Smoke Briskies. Which is better?

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Which is better.. Chuck Roast or Brisket

  • I like the Brisket better. More meat, more options

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  • I like the Chuckie better. Less cost, great taste.

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Smoke Blower
Original poster
Dec 24, 2012
York, PA
Just asking the question folks. I've done both and oddly enough, the thin sliced chuckie seems to be a bigger hit than the briskets with my guests. The taste seems to be more beefy with the Chuckie. The Brisket, smoke ring and all, has a great taste as well and if I shaved it, might give the Chuckie a run for its money. 

When it comes to reheating it, the chuckie seems to keep its moisture better and makes a better sandwhich while the Brisket makes a better meal overall. It does seem like the chuck roast lends it self more to thin slicing than thick. The Brisket of course has the additional advantage of everyone's favorite: "Burnt ends"..

I know a lot of you guys got a lot more experience with both meats than I have and I'm really curious as to what y'all think. 

Thanks in advance!

Hello Cman.  Sounds like you answered some of the questions yourself.  I can't chose one over the other.  Each has it's own pros and cons.  It's like asking which I prefer, apple or orange?  I do prefer apples in my apple pie if you see what I mean.  
  Keep Smokin!

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