Smoked Camel Burger (From The Throwdown Contest).

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  1. Well Happy Fantastic Great Saturday To All You Cute Smoking and Fabulous Cookies!

    The Throwdown from March is now done, the selected winners have won, and I applaud, indeed, the fantastic job that each person did do!


    Seeing as it's safe game to post our entries now, I did want to simply share what an absolute ball I did have, while making my menu.

    And so please enjoy!

    This was done back in March, as to enter the contest by the cutoff date.

    I took dried persimmons, dried mangos, dates, and also "date sugar" (the only sugar I have in my house whatsoever and it is literally 100% pureed dates) and coffee beans, and I did put this in a frying pan that had a handle broken off of it.

    Leary as I was about whether ANY of that would smoke, I was in for one VOLUPTUOUS and delectable great surprise!

    Then I soft boiled eggs, gently peeled them, took fresh mint, black Kalamata olives and hearts of palm and put that into a "grapeseed oil greased" perforated grill pan...

    I put the sugar, date, fruit, and coffee bean mixture on the inner rack of my tiny, humble gas smoker,

    I fired that up,

    And with the other plate on the top little rack...

    And meanwhile boiled a pot of amaranth grains on the stove, 

    brought the first batch of smoky goods in, and they looked adorable!

    And while the sugar got some moisture and thus clumps, may I just say that SMOKED date sugar can make a house smell better than a damn roast? We talk about that smell (and how we drank the best coffee of our lives too) and still today!

    Then the creative and daring side of me got nutty, and I put the whole damn spaghetti pot of cooked amaranth onto the smoker and kept "interrupting" to stir it some...

    I didn't expect ANY smoky flavor to get in there, but WOW did it ever! Smoked amaranth is GOOD!!!!!!

    I then took half of that smoked amaranth, and used it to make a gluten-free Tabouli, (with mint, tomato, cuke, garlic, etc.)...

    And got out my ground camel meat...

    And I smoked that pan (same one without the handle) for some minutes, and thought the mint tasted better or more pronounced, once smoked and it really made for an interesting Tabouli version that I adored!

    (I wanted, no matter how silly or humble with my little machine, to smoke EVERYTHING, and so I just took my time, drank some wine, had a ball, scared the neighbors yet AGAIN and smoked absolutely everything! Yes each little thing!

    And so I got the camel ready...

     Put that on grill grates atop the smoker, as to get it medium rare...

    And yes, just because I am a woman of my word, always, I even put my black pepper onto foil, and just for the hell of it, did SMOKE THAT, and it opened my sinuses when I was carrying it inside even - who knew!

    Then I needed to mold my meat into a camel... and I did give it my artistic best though will never claim to be Salvador Dali by any stretch...

    I sliced apart most of the black smoked olives as to get "outlining" to put around my camel and define him more...(my dogs appreciated it anyway)...Smiles.

    And I hollowed out each egg, chopped up the yokes and dusted them with the smoked black pepper, and filled each egg with some tabouli and then topped a smoked whole olive onto each one...

    And sliced up a sunshine with the dried smoked fruit and added a smoked olive in there as well...

    And then had a crazy time, making that smoked date sugar form the word: "Bacon." That took ages, and kept falling, moving, and while I thought it would be so very simple, it was a mess, and a "start over" mess, again and again, and alas, I got the letters moderately 'clean' and then added slices smoked olives to the tips of the letters as to define them, and added smoked mint, smoked dates, and smoked hearts of palm underneath...

    And it was healthful, delicious, and arty enough to make my dogs jump around and demand some portions, and so all was well!

    Thank you again for sharing in my joy! I had so much fun! And thank you for the handful of people who voted for me as well! How very kind!

    Meanwhile, congrats to the winners of the contest who were terrific! This whole experience was a blast and I adored seeing what each and every person so wonderfully did!

    Cheers!!!!!!!!!!! - Leah
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  2. OH, OH, OH, and I forgot to mention, that after smoking the coffee beans, I made the coffee, black, in a French press, and it was the best coffee ever! REALLY!!!!!!

    Ok then, try some smoked coffee beans and here's to next weeks's HUMP DAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY! Smiles. (Wednesdays now hold as a special burger ritual in this house therefore, as I am hooked)!

    Ok then. Good night!!!

    Cheers! - Leah
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  3. mike johnson

    mike johnson Master of the Pit Group Lead OTBS Member

    Im always so impressed!!!!
  4. Thank you so much Mike! Coming from you and your incredible posts (and Halloween doings too) I take that so graciously!!! Many thanks to you indeed!!!!!!!!!!

    Cheers! - Leah
  5. bearcarver

    bearcarver Smoking Guru OTBS Member


    I can't believe any food can look like that-----It's Beautiful !!!----------------[​IMG]

    The Camel is Awesome!!! [​IMG][​IMG]

    It's a shame it's all Great to eat----It should be Lacquered & hung in an Art Museum!! [​IMG]

    All just sounds & looks Perfect !![​IMG]

  6. Bear!!! Thank you so much!!!

    I am just shutting off for the day now, and first your message chirped in and made me smile! Thanks you tons for such nice support and kind words!

    It was a delicious "painting" then, (smiles) to indeed eat!!

    Thank you for making my day!!! Happy weekend!!

    Cheers! - Leah
  7. Leah, you truly are a treasure. I read your posts for a few minutes and smile all evening. Thanks.
  8. c farmer

    c farmer Smoking Guru Staff Member Moderator OTBS Member SMF Premier Member

    You are a great cook and artist too.

    Points from me too.
  9. Roy, thank you so much!! What a nice comment, and that's VERY appreciated indeed.

    (If I make a difference in anyone's day, via upbeat energy or attitude, and in any way at all - even an ounce - then how grateful am I)!! Indeed, thank you tons!

    And C Farmer, thanks very much as well! Such kind remarks about my funky doings! I enjoy "arranging," and also EATING of course as well! Thank you for checking my food out!

    Happy Sunday to all! Make today delicious and the kickoff of a very wonderful new week!

    Cheers! - Leah
  10. moikel

    moikel Master of the Pit OTBS Member

    I missed this first time around,wasn't paying attention to the throw downs.
    This is really art first & food second. It's really creative like an art installation or a mosaic but it's edible to boot.
    Great stuff.
  11. Hi Mick!

    And thanks so much! I have fun with the "out of the box" presentation methods indeed, and so I'm thrilled that you enjoyed my mere "artistic attempt!"

    Thanks tons and happy SUNDAY to you!!!

    Cheers! - Leah

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