Smoke X2 / Billows revisited

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Jan 18, 2021
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I thawed a 5 lb boneless pork butt for pulled pork samitches but that is not what this thread is about. While getting the 14 WSM ready for the task I thought I should get the Smoke X and Billows set up as well and just let it run this cook. I've had them for at least six months and have used it for a couple of cook but that is it. It worked incredibly well as I recall but for some reason I just keep doing it the old fashioned way. Enjoyment of it all I guess. I've been interested in pellet grills and gravity feeds for quite some time now but have yet to purchase anything with the exception of the Billows. I think it may be the allure of hands free set it and forget it. Having a Genesis II, Performer kettle and two WSM's, I really don't need any more hardware nor have room for it. So, that is the reason for revisiting the Smoke X / Billows. Hopefully it will satisfy that itch with what I already have.


My set up is pretty easy. Not much more to getting it ready than the standard method. Using the dog bowl makes it easy to use on either the 14 or 18" WSM's. I like using the probe grommet to position the pit temperature probe, Harry Soo style.


At the for hour mark I increased the setpoint from 225 to 275*. In approx 10 minutes the temp was up to the new setpoint. Damn, this is easy! Maybe too easy. It controlled really well at the 225 and 275 setpoints but at the six hour mark, the temp started swinging as much as + - 20 degrees. I suspected it was due to ash build up in the charcoal bowl and sure enough, at the end of the cook, the ash was almost even with the charcoal grate.
So, in conclusion, the Smoke X2 / Billows still works very well and more so on the larger cooker. Will I be using it a lot more now? Probably not. Getting it out again did satisfy that itch for automated temp control and I think I still prefer managing temperature the old fashioned way.
If you are needing a Christmas gift for that special bbq gear head, this might be just the ticket.

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