Smoke Vault 24 Rehomed

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My trusty old Smoke Vault 24 has been rehomed.
Many years of service, it's on the well worn side with some minor repairs/replacements needed, but otherwise fully functional.

Had a coworker at my new job who wanted to get into smoking so I set him up with it to practice and hone his skills before he buys a new one.
Gave him the SV24, cover, a propane tank, all the chunk wood I had left and my old Javelin digital probe thermometer.
Explained at the basics of running it, a quick smoking meat 101 and of course told him to setup a SMF account.
And of course he can pick my brains any time at work.

I'm gonna miss it, but the RT1250 is the Queen of the patio now.
Awesome gesture Chile and maintaining the culture of the forum. So great to give somebody else a start into some of the things we love to do. Kudos to you my friend.

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