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Smoke & Spice, anyone got it?


Joined Oct 27, 2010
Got this  book for Christmas and man, it's over 500 pages of recipes for rubs, sauce and mops, plus lots of side dishes and deserts.  So far, I'm impressed with what I'm reading.

Saturday's gonna be warm (after our winter blast here in the east) so I'm doing ribs...; baby back and country style.  Question:  I plan to use apple wood, would a hint of mesquite be a good idea?  I've used mesquite (sparingly) but not apple, and of course, never the combination.  I just thought the mix would be interesting.

As to the rub, it's (from this booki) a 50/50 mix of brown sugar and Asian 5-Spice.  Very simple (although 5-spice is probably anything but simple).  Sauce will be my standard North Carolina BBQ sauce - a basic ketchup-based sauce that's increadibly tasty.  I may also do some of the country style ribs with a Jamaican Jerk rub I've become fond of (a little experimenting goes a long way in the outdoor kitchen, no!?!).

Appreciate any thoughts or advice?  Won't do it until New Year's day so plenty of time to steer me clear of any culinary cliffs!  I'll take pic's and do a q-view on Sunday. 

Thanks, and as I read somewhere (maybe here):  Bone Appetite! 



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Got that book. It's okay. I've done much better on this forum.

Apple/Mesquite mix should be fine with an easy hand.

Five spice is a strong mix of spices. Might want to try it on a 1/2 rack first time out especially with that amount of sugar. You may end up with carmelized ribs. I suggest TulsaJeff's SMF rib rub for ribs.


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Iso, thanks for the warning.  I might cut back on the overall amount.

I know sugar is prone to burning but I've had good luck with it in the past.  As my wife says... "less is more!"

Will look at the Jamaican Jerk for at least 50% of the meat this time round.

Appreciate the quick reply,



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I also have the book- the chicken on the throne is a pretty good recipe, The jalopeachy sauce is real good - have not done much other than those two 

Good luck


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Yep, "less is more"...very true statement.

Mesquite and apple go great with pork ribs and shoulder cuts, IMO. I've always liked mesquite with heavier flavored meats, but it can get a pretty heavy flavor if due caution is not exercised. Apple is one of those smoke woods I think everyone's outdoor kitchen should not be without, and the sweet, light apple with the earthy mesquite should be a very good mate for your ribs, regardless of the dry rub used.

Looks like the rest is covered, so enough said. Can't help with the book...don't have one that large...well, my food bible is SMF, come to think of it! Ha-ha-ha!

Have a great smoke, Larry!



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Two Chickens on Thrones (at 205 degrees, with Guinness) in my MES 30 smoker right now!  Using my new A-Maze-N Smoker (holy cow!!) for the first time with them with a combo of maple, cherry, and hickory dust. Mixing up a version of Jalopeach sauce (using apricot jam--no peaches here today.) I'll probably set the glaze in the oven.  

I love the book! I especially like the authors' familiar tone, fun word-play, and humorous recipe names. The small "boxes" with stories, tips and techniques, and the history of barbecuing are informative and entertaining. Lots of great ideas, and most of the recipes are easy to customize.

In the next edition, I'd like to see some kind of chart with meats, weights, temps, times...

5 stars anyway! Great book!


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that was the first smoking book i bought, love it and still read it today

check out the thunder thighs


Joined May 2, 2011
32 cents?  I just ordered it and had to pay full price.... It's a bargain though, at 9.97.  Can't wait to get started.


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I'm gonna get online and track down a copy.....thanks for the recommendation

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