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Nov 25, 2006
bbqpitstop had an idea of having a map with push pins on it to show the location of SMF members. I looked at the map and placed a push pin on my general location. I think it is a neat idea and will be fun to see where everyone is at on the map. This is new to me, so I hope everything works out as far as saving the location....

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Edit: replaced original bad link - this link works!
click on "add to collection" add a push pin then click on "save" in the box that has popped up... that should get you close

you can right click on the map and click on add push pin also
This is new to me too, we'll keep working until we get it figured out. You may need to sign in to msn live to be able to edit the map... ???
I give up....I must be having a computarded day.
Here is what I did...

1. I followed the link I was given
2. I signed in to the live search (msn sign in)
3. I added a push pin
4. I saved the push pin
5. I clicked on "share"
6. I clicked on "view permalink"
7. I copied that link and pasted it to the post

See how that works
i have signed in to msn live... saved a push pin.... then when i click on it again... what i have saved is only saved to my collection and not added to the map

will keep trying
test post for push pin

link didn't work
try that link to a different map site... report back if it doesn't work
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