Small gathering for the Alabama/Texas A&M game. Looking for suggestions

Discussion in 'Beef' started by va_connoisseur, Sep 9, 2013.

  1. I have been asked to smoke some food for ~20 people watching the 'Bama/A&M game. Others will be bringing side dishes. For meats the want ribs and brisket. To avoid being out there all day, I am recommending ribs and CHUCKY.

    With 4 full spare racks, how much chuck do you think I need? 5 pounds too much?
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    Hopefully some others chime in because I have never personally smoked a Chuckie (YET)....but it would probably be safe to assume the same weight loss as a brisket flat which is usually 50-60% loss (maybe less). So with that if you got a 5lber and you got around 2.5-3lbs off it...if you assume 1/3 a pound per person (probably less since you have ribs also) that would feed between 15-18 you should be good with that and ribs! 

    You could also smoke a EOR...lean cut so they cook quickly
  3. "EOR"?
  4. Eye of Round
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    Sorry...yep Eye of Round. No muscle or fat to break down so you could cook it up in the same time you cook the ribs and slice it up for sandwiches 
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  6. Thanks for the suggestion

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