small chuck roast and temps

Discussion in 'Beef' started by shepcal, Sep 22, 2014.

  1. Thought on putting meat on early.

    Had a couple of pieces of unburned cowboy chunks in Barbq, added 12 kingsford and lit off (used fuel instead of chimney, much too dry out and too many fires already). Put rub on the piece and tenderized it. When I put meat on my Maverick said 140d. I put a couple of pieces of apple on to smoke. Temp s now barbq170d , meat 84d. Gonna get meat to 135d and sear and eat.

    Any thoughts on putting meat on before 225d? Hungry and bored!

  2. Still like some ideas, but it came out excellent. Abit of smoke flavor, tender and extra rare like I like it. Wife who doesn't like beef unless it's a 'real steak' liked it.
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    Sorry , Shep ... I just got on and found your plea. May have been the "F" word that shocked everyone . [​IMG]

    You said it was good , so there's nothing wrong in my book . . . in fact , being fat and lazy , I would of done the same . . . maybe [​IMG]

    Have fun , Shep , and  . . .

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