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Smoke Blower
Original poster
Jun 21, 2010
Piedmont Triad of NC
I put my 11lb brisket in the GOSM at 11PM last night and didn't expect it to get to 190 until at least 1PM today. Well it is now 9:30AM and it is at 200. We are not eating until 6PM and I am not sure what to do at this point. Right now I have it foiled and wrapped in blankets and a huge pillow and sitting in my cooler, but I am afraid that it won't stay safe to eat until 6PM.

Any suggestions?
Good Morning Mag,

     If I were you, I'd leave it right where it is (in the cooler) until dinner time. I don't think there will be any trouble at all. And by the way, how in the world did you get that thing done so quick?
You'll be surprised at how warm that brisket is when you're ready to eat.  I've held pork butts for up to 9 hours and they were still too hot to handle.
I think that part of the reason that it cooked so quick is that I had no stall. The last two that I did stalled at 175 for about two hours. This one did not stall at all. I checked the IT in several places to make sure I was not getting erroneous readings and it differed by only 5 degrees overall.The worst part is that it is sitting here in the house with me and it smells delicious. I hope I can wait until 6 before I tear into it.

I would leave it right where it's at and maybe put in a probe thermo unit so you can watch the temp inside the butts.
I do have a temp probe in it. At what temperature should I remove it from the cooler and put it in the oven for safe keeping?
I would say if it gets around 140 then you would need to get it in the oven. That would be following the 40-140 rule as I believe it works backwards as well.  If you have a descent cooler and blankets and double foil I bet it will stay warm for you. Is crazy how long you can keep meat warm in a cooler like that. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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