Sirloin Roast N' Veges Q-View

Discussion in 'Beef' started by gavin16, Aug 10, 2014.

  1. Last weekend in the middle of nowhere for my internship, thought I'd do something a bit more to wrap up my summer cooking (Before I go back to home/school & have to actually SHARE this stuff LOL).  


    Doing a simple rub, POG, plus hint of smoked paprika, dried mustard, white pepper.  I looked around and couldn't find Worcestershire sauce THICK anywhere in Walmart, so I got the regular.  Maybe I wasn't looking in the right place?? 

    Red & white potatoes, sweet onion, carrots, mushrooms, few cherry tomatoes & peppers (to taste). Also a pinch of celery to taste (I do not like celery). Then poured in some beef broth, and a splash of rum, because I didn't have red wine lol.  

    Pulled the sirloin roast out this morning, shaved off some of the rub.  WOW that worcestershire sauce really makes it stick on there nice!  Added some montreal steak seasoning to experiment.  

    Put in the veges first while the smoker warmed up.  Planning to cook meat till 135 IT at around 225-235 cooker temp.  

    My only question is how long should I keep the veges in?? 1 hour, then pull and finish on the stove? Or leave in for the full time? I know it is used for the Aus Jus sauce, but I don't really know how to exactly go about handling it.  

  2. I prefer to leave the veggies in un till tender. You can move them to the oven to finish if you like. So far it looks good.

    Happy smoken.

  3. At maybe 20 minutes in my probe says the meat is already at 100, so perhaps the meat will be done before the veges will.  Things always seem to cook fast in the MES, I'll have to check them here in a bit to see how close they are to tender.  

  4. Finished the veges out in the smoker for another hour & a half.  Foiled the roast after 135 IT & held it in the oven till everything was done.  Even bought some French bread * provolone cheese to go with.  Don't have a slicer so my cuts are a bit thick and tough, but.. Mmm!!  So good! 
  5. That looks awesome!!  Nice job, looks like you got some good jus out of it too- 

    PS The thick sauce is now

    called L&P  "Bold Steak Sauce"  Same good stuff though, don't know why they changed the name......

    Happy smokin!
  6. Looks mighty fine my man!!!


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