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leah elisheva

Master of the Pit
Original poster
Sep 19, 2013
Seacoast of New Hampshire
Well Good Tuesday Morning You Great Saucy Cookies!!!!!

And here's a happy holiday week wish to all! (Passover, Easter, or that other so very wonderful grand holiday, that's called: "TODAY")!

May celebration ring!!!!!

So I'd seen this GORGEOUS rabbit in my local store recently and needed to hop to it thus and buy him right up!

My dogs got the luscious liver bits (all sautéed in a pan for them, as they prefer their meals "warm") and they just LOVED it!

Meanwhile, I had this little split/half-bottle of Sauterne kicking around in my fridge...

Thank God this dessert wine is WAY too sweet for me to drink, (as I adore BONE DRY wines), and therefore it actually made it into the dish and not into me! Smiles.

I'm on day 8 of "not having wine for 11 days," (as so many people I've talked to online here have commented that they don't have ANY wine during the week, ever, and only have some on the weekends).

Soooo, it was exactly 11 days before my brother would visit (which is this coming Saturday) when I thought: "Well, I could try NOT having any wine for these next 11 days and then enjoying it with company that Saturday."

Perhaps I thought I'd lose 11 pounds, and sleep more soundly than ever - like a newborn puppy - and be so sharp, clear, alert and feel fabulous or something!!!???

But to no avail. I think that wine and my life are better together, but this has been an interesting experiment and must be healthier for overall things in many ways...

But viva the liquid grape from the Gods! It's coming back into my life, I must admit.

OK, back to business here, with some charming capers!

And of course, some sassy shallots! (Even though they always make me cry)!

And while I looked for fresh tarragon, four stores were out, and thus flat leaf parsley went into my bag and helped today out!

I revisited my bunny, JUST to make sure he didn't hop off somewhere, but indeed he was dead...

And I chopped up the shallots & flat leaf parsley, and added some capers into that mix...

And I stuffed the ravishing rabbit with that mixture...

And then folded his sides securely back up - all nice and comfy - like a little snuggle bunny, and then poured on that little mini bottle of Sauterne and some Tunisian olive oil (which is golden, and light and not over powering and just like LIQUID GOLD)!

The meat got mopped around carefully in all that sauce and then soaked in the fridge for just over an hour...

Meanwhile, I took my favorite dried mushroom - "lobster mushrooms" - and soaked those in warm water...

While firing up the teeny gas smoker to 300 degrees, with pistachio shells instead of smoking chips, for 35 minutes...

I wiped some grapeseed oil onto a grill grate, and put that on the smoker and the stuffed rabbit on top of that...

And started getting a salad together with arugula, tomatoes,

fresh basil...

the leftover shallot-caper-parsley stuffing that remained from the bunny...

And my dog, "Voss" goes CRAZY for arugula (I still haven't figured out just why) and so he was waiting patiently for many sprigs...

and gobbled that right up!

Once off the smoker, the AROMA was like MAPLE SYRUP (and I was born in Vermont and can say that with conviction even)!

I drizzled more olive oil over everything, added the lobster mushrooms (drained from the warm soaking water they were in), and ground some black pepper and pink Himalayan sea salt over it all too...

And the outer meat had that smoky taste, and that SAUTERNE was the single best marinade ever, as the meat was SWEET!!! Not sickeningly sweet, but GORGEOUS! Really, really, gorgeous!

The lovely lobster mushrooms were just a treasure!

The inner shallot stuffing came out exquisitely too!

The taste of this, having smoked it and with the Sauterne, was exactly like "REALLY JUICY Cornish hen meets Pork," and it was WON-DER-FUL, I must admit!

The crispy outer edges were fantastic!

And the meat was SO soft!

Pulling and yanking with reckless abandon - grease running down my chin - the hind legs were the most JUICY, SUCCULENT, and SMOOTH BABY SOFT delicacies ever, and I just scraped everything off and am amazed at how terrific this all was.

Thank you so much, for sharing in my holiday dinner!

Happy fabulous everything to you!!! Make today delicious!!!

Cheers!!! - Leah
I have always wanted to try smoking rabbit.  I can get them at my butcher.  The ones in my yard are to small.    

I just might have to try it now.

Thank YOU C Farmer!

This turned out so much better than I expected it to, it just tasted incredible with that Sauterne & Olive Oil marinade - the sweetness was really in the meat!

Thanks for visiting my bunny!

Happy Tuesday to you!!!!!!

Cheers! - Leah
That looks amazing. I bet it tastes the same.

Excellent photos.

I am too off wine until easter. Also no meat for me until after the midnight vigil.
Hey thank you Atomicsmoke! And here's to getting through our interesting "vino" dance, right? And to great meals!

And Jeremy, thank you as well! It's so nice to share all our great eats here with each other and to know that such is jointly appreciated and savored!

Now if only this were live and we all were eating! It's good in theory anyway!!!

Happy tasty Tuesday!!! Make today amazing!!!

Cheers! - Leah
I hope that wasn't the Easter Bunny!!!

Just kidding, Leah-----It looks Awesome, as usual, and Love your little 4 legged helper!!!

I haven't had Rabbit in many years, but I was practically weaned on Rabbit, Squirrel, Pheasants, Grouse, Deer, all kinds of fish, etc, etc.

Your dogs bought back memories:

When I was a kid, my Mongrel Dog "Mitzi" was the best Hunter we ever had. She would run all around the fields in front of us, checking every little grass clump, or any place a Rabbit could "sit tight", and hide. Then every time one of us shot a rabbit, my Dad would gut it out, remove the Gall Bladder from the Liver, and hold the warm Liver down, in the palm of his hand, for Mitzi. She would suck it right up & gulp it down. Then off she'd go looking for more Rabbits!! She looked like a big fox, so any Pheasant she came near would fly up & sit in a tree. Great Dog!!

Another terrific treatment of a great ingredient. I love rabbit and think it is under served in North America.

However, I must take you to task on not drinking Sauterne. I love dry wines too but a small glass of Sauterne while sitting on our deck after dinner is a definition of good times. Ah well, I guess it is good everyone doesn't like  the same things!

Thank you Bear!!!

I've never had squirrel and that sounds so interesting!!! I was delighted to see that thread on here the other day with some! How tasty they looked.

YOU have certainly been privy to such great food! What a blessing!

And your DOGS!!!! How fantastic Mitzi sounded - and with a great palate too! The little dogs in your relative/holiday pictures last winter looked adorable. (Your "granddogs" I think)?

Thanks for checking out my PRE-Easter Bunny!

And Dan, I'm delighted you can get this in abundance! It was so much better smoked than I imagined it could ever be! A new top five favorite for me indeed!

Thank you so much Disco as well!!!

Indeed, (on Sauterne), the few times I've been blessed to have the swanky "Chateau d'Yquem" around, I think I had folk aghast at home, that it simply "wasn't my cup of tea" (too sweet) but I drizzled it over goat ice cream and that worked, (to which they all thought I was delusional), though then that left far more for them!

Here's to your trip coming up!!! So very exciting!!!

Cheers!!! - Leah
I saw the topic and knew who was posting.....LOL

I love rabbit and smoke it regularly although usually its wild game vice farm raised. Those farm raised are so large and tender. Rabbit make good jambalaya, and I like rabbit jerky. Their lack of fat and thin layered meat just lends itself to jerky. Of course its dang tastee too.

My very first wine was Sauterne, I got to sit at the adult table by accident at Thanksgiving.....RAAR!

I like your smoked rabbit, looks very plumb and juicy. BUT I am pretty sure I'd give rabbit meat to the dog and eat the liver! The rabbit liver was always the cooks share when cooking rabbit and its one of those things that you just can't have unless you the cook. It rates up there IMHO like duck fat.

Anyway I like what you did, your flavors compliment the rabbit's very well without overpowering the delicate flavor.

Very nicely done. 
Thank you very much Foamheart!

Ahh to sit at the adult table was heavenly, wasn't it? (I hated kids even when I was a kid you see, and simply craved the more pungent mustard, better conversations, and the WINE, when being segregated at the home of others). Now, now. I jest merely. SORT OF.

Thankfully my own parents knew better and allowed me to dwell at theirs, seeing as most of the time I was the cook!

Now your WILD rabbit must be INCREDIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And I am sure your Easter doings will be entirely delicious!!!!

Thanks for such nice comments!

Cheers! - Leah
Oh, and Foamheart; great point about the liver!!!

As there's got to be some pecking order right?

Case in point, if there's anything left after our dogs dine on their gourmet delicacies each day, then we even get to eat!

Happy Tuesday!!! Cheers!!!!! - Leah
Smoked bunny. Wonderful dish. ...And with perfect accouterments. And I have to agree with Kevin, (imagine that) the hounds feasted the best part.  The property where I live, cottontails are in abundance. So It is those that are invited to dinner. ( Fact is we have lots of wildlife here . A gobbler just strut past my window as I type) So, Ive never bought a rabbit. Perhaps I'm missing something there. 

Points for the bunny Leah.  By the way.  Is it my imagination or you hanging around this crusty crowd has you eating more red meat?

Hey Leah,

Your lil' stuffed and smoked Peter Cottontail looks great!  Fabulous plating and pictures, as always!  Lobster mushrooms are indeed absolutely delicious, and arugula is one of my favorite greens (next to mache, which is my favorite).  Looks like an amazing meal!  I haven't tried smoked rabbit yet, just braised rabbit.  Several of my local farmers sell rabbit and are trying to develop a local market for it, so it looks like I should give your smoked rabbit technique a try.

Thanks for sharing!  Have a great night!
Good Morning Brian  and thanks so much for checking out my bunny indeed!

I know, the dogs made out like bandits (they're a pretty gourmet bunch - Tabouli's birthday meal in January consisting of some Alaskan King Crab canapés with goat yogurt etc. (photo attached) and so he and his brothers do eat better than some humans I do suppose. (Now if they'd only do dishes, right)?

And you're an observant and sharp Chop! (Hope you don't mind that I call everyone either "Chops or Cookies" and mean those terms with warmth and completely complimentary).

Indeed, this site has most certainly changed me lots.

I've always adored and eaten much exotic red game meat, but am embracing some other things - will probably blog about the changes next week in one of my sardonic crazy rants on my blog - and am so very grateful for each day here!

This place, and its people, are a sensational gift!!

And thank you very much Worktogethr!  This Sauterne Smoked Rabbit tasted like "Cornish hen meats pork" albeit SO SOFT and juicy and even mapley - if that makes any sense - but also was quite similar in taste to the smoked alligator (I did a lot of that in the fall) which I used to drizzle with pumpkin seed oil. Oddly, in taste, there are a lot of similarities (at least when each are smoked). Thanks for your nice words!!!

And great Culinary Master of the West, (Clarissa), thank you tons!!! I love MACHE so much as well! And between that delicate treat and the bitter edge of both arugula and endive, (with frisee for texture and perhaps a tear of radicchio or treviso just for color), I could have all my favorite greens upon a plate! Oh and then also CHIVES! I have this unstoppable and luscious CRUSH on chives - simple weeds aside - I just ADORE them!! Beyond-Beyond! And from smell to appearance and too, the taste! My favorite herb!

Anyway, thank you so much! I'm thrilled to hear of another fan of lobster mushrooms, mache, and more! Thank you for checking out my plate and for such nice comments!!!

Cheers to today!!! - Leah
OK, so I guess I was a bit of a Space-Croissant and forgot to attach that dog dining pic that I meant to do above, (it's already past 4:30 a.m here and I've only had my coffee and not my papaya yet - which I've usually had by now), and so I may not be FULLY awake but am getting there indeed!

Here's one of my "gourmand dogs" and from his Alaskan King Crab Canapé birthday menu in January... Cheers! - Leah

Goat yogurt, spinach, sweet potato, chopped papaya, cuke, Alaskan King Crabmeat and some sprinkled "vet suggested" vitamin supplements...

Tabouli waiting for the next course...

Now you can see why they got the rabbit liver, and we were lucky to even eat afterword right? Smiles.

(On that particular day, I made cuttlefish ceviche for us, with papaya seeds used as a peppercorn of sorts).

OK, speaking of my favorite fruit, it's breakfast time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy Thursday to all!!! Make it delicious!!!!!!!!!!

Cheers! - leah
Rabbit is not an easy thing to cook outside of braising so this is really impressive.
Farmed rabbit like Flemish giants has way more fat than wild .Getting it to stay moist is a real achievement .
Looks like a great meal.
Thanks so much Mick!

Hearing that from you and your 'culinary finesse' is a genuine honor!!!

And hey, I nodded to the holiday early, by getting up close and personal with the Easter Bunny, yes? I suppose it's good that small DOGS are the onlookers and not little children!

Happy Thursday!!!! And thank you tons!

Cheers!!! - Leah is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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