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  1. I have a friend in the counter top fabrication business, so when my original counter on my CharBroil Silver Smoker began to look like crap from the weather, I asked him to fab a Corian counter for me.  This smoker is about three years old and was showing its age so I gave the whole thing a refresh.  Fresh high temp paint, new Stainless Steel paint on the handles, and a custom paintjob for the emblem.  This thing cooks great with a couple mods including a baffle, a modified charcoal grate/basket, and a lowered chimney.  I get about 6 hours of constanst 225 to 250 degrees using the Minion method.  It's just ready for a butt or two this weekend.

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    Looking good!!

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    Looks great! Mine has had a hard 8 years.  You have inspired me to do the same.
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