Shrimp & Lobster Ravioli

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Dec 30, 2016
It had been some time since I'd made a batch of ravioli so when I ran across a decent deal at my local Kroger I picked up a half dozen small lobsters and steamed them up.
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I always have a nice supply of jumbo shrimp in the kitchen freezer, 15 to the pound, boiled up 18, for a 50-50mix of a pound each

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After a few minutes with the Wusthof food processor, then mixed into eight ounces of ricotta cheese

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With the filling done and in a ice chest (broken fridge, supply chain issue, could be forever) it was on to making the dough. A 50-50 mix of semolina, and Caputo's 00 flour, 250 grams each and five large eggs. Five minutes in the KA with the dough hook, easy peasy.

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The dough took a little water, then a little flour, after a final kneading got to where I wrapped it for a one hour rest next to the new pasta roller

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Having zero experience with the new roller, and the same amount of patience, I went back to old reliable, the KA

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I go with the old fashioned steel form tray and a rolling pin

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About a teaspoon of the filling mix in each slot

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Cover that with another sheet of pasta dough, go over it with the rolling pin. No picture, can't use a rolling pin and camera simultaneously, I'll have to work on that. Made it thru seven dozen ravioli, freeze them on a tray for a few hours so they hold form. Time for a beer and a half hour in my massage chair, too much standing time.

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Dinner was simple and delicious, shrimpy/lobster ravioli in a alfredo sauce with parm and some sauteed zukes and onion

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I used to make these from Dungeness crab when we lived in CA and I had an ocean going boat. There's no ocean near the desert, and no crab season anymore anyway, so this is a pretty good way to go for a special treat. Thanks for lookin' in, y'all stay safe out there. RAY
That's so awesome! Makes me long for the days of eating pasta... and carbs :D
Great post!
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Oct 17, 2014
Gilbert, AZ
Thanks Bud, I appreciate it! No pasta at all, ever? What about a cheat day a couple times a month! RAY


Aug 30, 2015
I don't see why not. When you steam the lobster to make the ravs it's now cooked as it would be if it were the main course for dinner. Before you make the lobster filling for the ravioli you let it cool down, and keep it as cold as you can while making the ravs, pretty much as one would do when making sausage. I assume you aren't talking about thawing a cooked lobster, never heard of anyone freezing a cooked one. RAY
Ok, thanks Ray. yes, the frozen lobster is raw.


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Dec 30, 2016
Thanks Bud, I appreciate it! No pasta at all, ever? What about a cheat day a couple times a month! RAY
On my very very rare cheat days I eat pizza and spaghetti and maybe later that day some Chinese with lo mein as well lol.

These days the only thing I eat is Shiritaki Rice which has like no calories and does the job well.
Or I eat some soybean protein Noodles. They are really close to actual angel hair noodles but still higher in carbs than I like to rock.

I don't care so much for the texture of Shiritaki Spaghetti or Fettucine as the noodle feels more like the texture of an Asian dish noodle and not an Italian or Soup noodle. The Rice is little dots so no chew to them and they can replaces any Italian, Soup, or Asian noodle and is just good to go all around! is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.