Short rib

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kit s

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Sep 2, 2017
Messed up state of California
Good, but...tried something different hoping for that sort of braised results.
Turned out a little chewer than I was hoping for. Though really not bad and flavor, was good.
Planned a long term meal, as I had so much stuff to gobble down already made. So sous vide ribs 31 hours at 135 f.
Pulled from bath and straight in fridge. Couple days later, got the kettle going and threw them on. Seasoned with spog. Kept temp around 200 2to 250. After half hour lathered with a modified bulls eye bbq sauce.
Took IT to 140 f.
Not sure If I will do it this way again..
short rib1.JPG

Served with fries and onion rings.
Was seeing if practical to make these ahead of time for one of the family events.
short rib4.JPG
Single rib, as you may notice meaty. The first one was one and a half ribs.and you can really see depth of meat.
Looks like a tasty plate to me! What is it that you didnt like? The SV followed by the fridge?
Yes, that's strange. Ive never done SV, but think that would do it? But, sometimes we are our own worst critics . . . well, most of the time! Looked really good to me though!
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Looks good to me, last time I did short ribs I put some smoke on them for a little bit and then into the dutch oven with liquid and lid. After 1.5 hours in the oven the ones fell off. Got the idea from BrianGSDTexoma BrianGSDTexoma
135* in the SV and 140* IT in smoker is why they were not tender. They need to be taken to probe tender, same as brisket, butt for pulling etc. 202* - 205* / probe tender.
But they sure look good!
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