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Don't know, but might be a great idea to help support this site. I think Jeff or the other moderators might see this and come up with something that we could all support. I'm all for it. Great idea tyo!
I wrote Jeff right after joining this site back in January. I suggested the same thing (hats, T-shirts, Polo Shirts, aprons, etc.) to help raise money for the site.  He responded back:

"We have thought about it and in fact we used to sell things via CafePress but then we changed up our logo and really have not got back into it. I have had several folks ask about SMF logo tshirts, hats and such over the last several months so it's definitely in the plan of things we want to do. Thanks for bringing it back to my attention. I need to put some time into making that happen this year."

So, maybe he will get something going soon.  ""
Hopefully this will be something we can get in the near future...
Yes I agree this would be a great thing to get and show out support for a GREAT site.

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