Shirley's Biscuits

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Jan 11, 2020
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Back Story
Last year a bunch of neighborhood dads jumped on the opportunity to compete in the local BBQ Competition. We took 3rd overall out of 39 teams, and took first place in chicken. Sever smokers were utilized independently: chicken was smoked on a Gateway Drum, brisket on a Kamado Joe ceramic cooker, and ribs on a Camp Chef Woodwind pellet smoker.


1st Place Chicken

This year a few of the guys want to use Shirley. I don't want to go into the competition not knowing the cooker fully, so I executed the "biscuit test" yesterday afternoon.

Biscuit Test

Coming up to temperature with a little Casel Azul Reposado (rough week at work).


24 Biscuits per Shelf evenly spaced out.


At the 16 minute mark I check them. Biscuit doneness in order of being the most cooked: Top rack near the exhaust, Top rack near the exchange, Middle rack was fairly even across the entire shelf, and Bottom rack near the firebox, lastly Bottom rack near the exchange.

The surprise for me was that the bottom rack was the least cooked, even though it's closest to the reverse sear plate. The firebox side of the bottom rack was cooked more than the exchange side, but less overall than the middle and upper racks.


Top Rack - flipped.


Middle Rack - flipped.


Bottom Rack - flipped.


Pulled the top rack only. While the smoker was going, new neighbors that we haven't met yet stopped by. Several of the biscuits were eaten and given away. Not like I'm going to eat 72 biscuits.

Appreciate your time this morning, hope you all have a great rest of your weekend!

- Skip
Pretty good for a bunch of neighborhood Dad's! Also, very nice set-up, great looking biscuits, and Shirley is a knock-out. Bet you do really well again this year.
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I’ve not done this on my Lang but I think the hottest spot is the upper rack on the firebox end. You need a big old batch of sausage gravy now!
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