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Feb 9, 2007
Question - I have been making sausage now for a good while and have people I work with that like to buy some from me. What I want to know is how to figure out what I should price my product at? Any thoughts?

Minneapolis, MN
Yeah, I have some thoughts. You SELL it, you're liable for it. It's not worth it. If you do, check with your health department and make sure it's even legal. If one person gets sick, and you committed a crime, it's your a$$. Health department rules vary by county, so make sure you check. They should send you a packet of info for free.
Otherwise, whatever they'll pay is what it's worth.
I guess I'd make sure it was paid for in cash, on an old dirt road. Cant trace that.

Many, MANY, legal probs could happen. If they are friends, barter......get some beer, meat, lap dance, something other than a check to cover your "boston butt".

The world is crazy when you watch the liberal tv stations. In my "circle" I wouldn't be affraid to sell something I smoked to a friend, neighbor, wifes boyfriend.....etc. :) You already know who would stick it to ya, so play it safe.

If ya wanna go "big time", then cross all the "t's" and dot all the "i's". People are always lookin for a free ride through life. If you find a free-loader, roll'em up in an old rug, gray tape it shut good, and send them down the river...........then send the sausage to me. I'll dispose of all the evidence :) !

good luck as I didn't really tell you a "dog-gone-thing".
Don't get me wrong I am not trying to go big time I am just trying to figure out what is a fair price to sell to a friend or neighbor - not selling to people I do not know. I can't keep giving away my sausage it hurts the pocket book and the personal supply.

So no I am not trying to sell something off the internet or anything like that. Just keeping it small and to friends.
Gotcha Hanifen. I'm going through the same thing, somewhat. Mom just called again and her friend(that I also know) was wondering if I had done a brisket for them yet. I told mom that if she wants a brisket she can call. I've also given away alot of brisket,one in the fridge sliced and ready now for inlaws. I'm charge'n at least $10/# for brisket, sliced and in a container. If they call me on a bad day it may be $20 :).

Friends and younger family members I try to talk them into getting a smoker. G-parents I'll do for free, they've earned it I guess. I don't price fair, a moocher(sp?) will take it in the shorts. A friend that does things for me will get it for free as I usually get some beer from them anyway.

Tough subject, Gunslinger has it figured out. If I were you I'd take his advise.

Good luck, don't forget to sample before you deliver the goods :)
The way I see it - people are still people and they want it as cheap as they can get it.. so do you and I.

If you figure the price of the meat, the seasoning, the cost of your heat source and smoking source, PLUS your time you'll come up with a price of about $300 a lb (yeah I know exagerated). Home made ain't cheap.. just better.

Work out a deal of some kind. If they don't have anything you want.. have em mow the yard this summer while you're smokin and chillin

Keep Smokin
all these are reasons why I have not jumped on the bandwagon with my jerky that I keep getting told I should sell.....too many liability issues and just the thought of dealing with the FDA sends shutters down my back....
Here are my prices:

Breakfast sausage $3.00/lb
German sausage $3.50/lb
Chipotle cheese $3.75/lb
Dried sausage $8.00/lb
Hot links $3.25/lb
Hot links w/cheese and jalapeños $3.75/lb
Chorizo $3.25/lb
I use only the best meats and spices and do not skimp and cut prices. I sell to friends, so they already know I don't have anything that they want. I make all I want to make and keep them wanting more.
Goat - when you say "dry sausage" what are you referring to? Like a snack stick?

Here is what I have been charging.

Fresh Sauasage links - Brats, Italian, Southwestern...etc - $3.50 lbs
Bulk Sausage - Breakfast, Italian... - $3.00 lbs
Summer Sausage - 2 1/2 lbs log (pre smoked weight) - $8.00
Snack Sticks - You provide the meat - $5.00 lbs I provide the meat - $6.50 lb - All pre smoked weight
Here is some of my dried sausage. This is made with goat, also goat kabobs and German sausage made with goat.
Hanifen I would say he is not pulling your goat. Have you ever heard of the Goat Cook Off in Brady Texas. Goat meat is good if you know how to cook it right.
Hanifen, check out his link to his webpage at the bottom of all his posts....he raises the buggers
That is goat and it was made for a shared gig with Food Network that was filmed in Houston 3 years ago. Randy Pauly cooked ostrich and I cooked goat several ways. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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