Seasoning smoker

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Jan 30, 2017
Staten Island
I have a brand new master built vertical dual fuel smoker. Any suggestions or tips on the first seasoning of the smoker?
Spray the inside with Pam & crank it up to 300 degrees for a couple of hours with some wood chunks in the wood chip pan.

The manual says to smoke for 1 hour at 350 degrees, let unit cool, reapply a coat of oil and burn again for 20 minutes.
Any difference between spraying with cooking oil or rubbing the oil on with a brush or cloth?
I believe I can accurately say -  Virtually any brand and style of smoker will have some amount of like oily residue from manufacturing.

Most don't bother, but I would FIRST give the inside a quick rubdown with at LEAST a dry clean rag.

I , for MYSELF, would use stronger, but for someone else I'll say basic ammonia window cleaner such as old school Windex would do a final wipe best.

Then, BEFORE you put on any seasoning oil, let it run hot for a few hours, until you smell no more fumes.

Shut it off, let cool a bit w door open, for comfort and safety.

Then oil it and cook longer, like the guys say.

Apply it however you want, but prepare for a puddle inside when you heat it if you slather on overly heavy.

And keep in mind, the spray probably has a flammable propellant.

So I'd let it air out minute or two before turning back on.

This is what I believe is the best way.

It is NOT from years of Smoker experience like many here, but it is from a lifetime of many different metal projects, including BBQ's.      Marc
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I wiped it out with hot soapy water and heated mine on high empty 2 hours. I tried to rub it with oil but missed some spots. I figured it would cover more when heated but it did not. I then ran to the store and bought a spray can of grill oil like suggested. So much easier! Sprayed it real quick and ran again for about 30 min. Seemed to work great is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.