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Seasoning a drum.

Discussion in 'UDS Builds' started by brgbassmaster, Nov 3, 2013.

  1. brgbassmaster

    brgbassmaster Meat Mopper

    I have built one drum smoker already and its awesome and have done tons of smokes on it but i want to make a better one. When i season the drum can i smoke meat at the same time? Or should i just season then do a smoke. And whats the best way to season the drum., Last time i did it just like i would if i was smoking but i don't really want to waste to much charcoal this time. Thanks.
  2. Hello brg.  You can smoke meat at the same time but you will get a lot of white NASTY smoke from the veg oil.  I would think it might affect the meat.  The season smoke needs to be REALLY hot so you need a BIG fire.  The good news is you don't need charcoal, just some non-toxic wood and not pine.  You need that temp to be as high as you can get so the oil gets into the metal.  If charcoal is your only safe choice...  I have given you nothing but good news lately.  [​IMG]   Sorry!  Good luck.

  3. brgbassmaster

    brgbassmaster Meat Mopper

    lol thanks man. Ya we have local wood here on guam but it doesn't just fall down like the wood in the states i would have to go cut it down and i only do that when we go camping for bbq. So guess ill just use a lot of charcoal. leave all the vents fully open. And hope for the best. The last time i did it it seems to be fine. Did lots of great smokes.