Sausage supplies

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Check out this website. Looks like they have EVERYTHING you would need for sausage supplies. I'm getting ready to try my hand at making sausage, I now have a grinder, a stuffer, cure #1, cure #2, casing, Debi's recipes, the cookbook entitled Charcuterie for everything from the history of sausage making to modern day recipes. I'm going to start out with fresh or smoked, and work my way to some cured hard sausages...anyway, check out this site!! I didn't do a compare of prices or anything yet...
Charcuterie (from either the French chair cuite, cooked meat, or the French cuiseur de chair, cooker of meat) is the branch of cooking devoted to prepared meat products such as sausage and confit, primarily from pork. The practice goes back to ancient times and can involve the chemical preservation, or curing, of meats

We are all cuiseur de chair here!!!
I wouldn't overlook trying sausage seasoning from the specility spice Co's one can find on line. I know American Spice Co and Penseys offer sausage spice mixes. American Spice also offers casing as well. I've been buying from Penseys for a couple yrs and like the spice mixes they offer.

Both Co's tell you what the ingredients are in their mixes and I would think buying from a spice Co one would better be insured to getting fresh ingredients. I know the Penseys mixes are used at the rate of 1Tbs/lb of meat.

We enjoy making our own sausage because we can control the amount of fat in the grind and we prefer a leaner mix than the typ commercial sausage has.
I add 80/20 lean pork to meat sticks and summer sausage. Anything that you bring to temperature and plan on freezing with the plans of just thawing and eating.

I add 50/50 pork trimmings to what ever sausage mixes I make for freezing, thawing and recooking; brats, polish sausage, ring sausage, bulk sausage, breakfast links, etc. These foods we finish usually on the grill or sometimes in the frying pan and want the additoinal fat there so the end product is not dried out. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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