Sausage Saturday - Jalapeno/Cheddar sticks and Jimmy Dean Hot knock-off breakfast sausage

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uncle eddie

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May 14, 2016
Central Missouri
Pork butt's were on sale for $1.49/pound. Deboned, I had 18 pounds of meat. Ground it and seasoned it yesterday. Stuffed it all today.

Decided to make a mess of my knock off Jimmy Dean Hot breakfast sausage but held 6 pounds back to continue to tweak my jalapeno/cheddar sausage recipe...which is the reason for this post. In the past, as a sausage making noob, I had asked about how much jalapeno and cheese to use in the sausage mix, the answers varied, of course. So I took everyones good advice on the first batch and did what seemed right. I adjusted this batch to suit my tastes better. But here is what I have landed on.

HIGH HEAT CHEESE: What I found was about 5% high heat cheese (by weight) was about right. Any more, in my opinion, would be over-cheesy for my liking. Some people did recommend up to 10% cheese, just so you are aware.

JALAPENO's: The rec's for this varied so widely, I just started somewhere and made adjustments for this batch. First batch I started with jarred diced jalapenos/drained. I used a drained 10 oz. jar for 10 lbs of meat...the jalapeno was barely noticeable. For this batch I used one 10 oz. jar of drained diced jalapenos for 6 pounds of meat and I think it is about perfect as checked with the test patty's, We'll see what the smoker kicks out in a few hours.

Progress pics...



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