Saturday Brisket Flat w/QView

Discussion in 'Beef' started by texasgal81, May 10, 2014.

  1. I usually go for the packer, but I couldn't pass up this 4lb flat for 40% off. Went on the smoker around 8:30 and should be ready in time for dinner.

    4lbs for $13 isn't bad at all!

    We love our Texas beef - 'by Texans for Texans'!

    Rubbed down with EVOO, 'Salt Lick' dry rub, Grub Rub, cayenne, smoked paprika, garlic powder, onion powder, and dry mustard.

    Extra wood chips ready to go in during the long smoke.

    Ready to go!
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  2. Hello.  Looks great so far.  YOU GO GIRL!  Keep Smokin!

  3. reinhard

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    That's a great price on that flat!!! Looks wonderful so far!! Happy Mothers Day!!! Reinhard
  4. Thanks, Danny! It smells great so far!

    Thanks, Reinhardt! I had to take it to the butcher at first because the scale price was missing, but I couldn't pass it up! And although I'm only a mother to my kitty, I appreciate it! :biggrin:
  5. 4 hours in.. Temp is steady around 225 degrees. Internal temp is 152. Going to 200 - 205 and I don't plan on wrapping. Hopefully it doesn't stall too bad.

  6. Ahh!!! Damn stall!:th_crybaby2:
  7. So 11 hours later (for 4lb!).. Finally got to 195. A little lower than I like but I couldn't wait anymore. Here it is off the smoker. Wrapped it in towels & put it in a cooler until the asparagus is done smoking.

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    Smells good!
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    Wow 11 hours for 4 lb.

    Looks good.
  10. Yeah, sometimes my smoker is pretty stubborn. It did not want to cook. I wanted the bark so I didn't wrap...
  11. Here's the final pics from last night before dinner. Was a tad dry in some parts, but was still really good.

    All sliced up and ready to eat.

    Plated up - brisket, cheesy quinoa, and smoked bacon wrapped asparagus. Yum! :yahoo:
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    Awesome looking brisket and meal TexGal. Cheesy quinoa? Care to share that one? 

  13. Thanks Brian and sure!
    I buy plain quinoa (near the rice in the grocery aisle) and cook it according to the package (1 cup quinoa makes plenty for 3 or 4)
    When it's done I add about:
    2 tbsp of butter or margarine
    2 tbsp of heavy cream
    2 cups of shredded cheese (sharp cheddar or a mixture of your favorite)
    Salt, pepper, garlic powder, ground mustard (tsp each or to taste)

    Stir and enjoy. :biggrin:
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    Thanks for the recipe, the great qview and a nice thread. 


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  16. No prob!

    Thanks, Disco!
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    Nice brisket & asparagus, one of my favs... Nice touch with the bacon wrapped around it ! Everything's better with bacon ! :beercheer:
  18. You're right!
  19. You go girl great looking flat nice smoke I always pull my flats around 195 to 198 deg then rest for one hour wrapped. Also when doing just flats I wrap at 165 to help with stall seems to help with stall and keeps them moist. That said looks fantastic. :drool
  20. Thanks for the tips OldSalty! I don't usual do just flats, but that's what they had so I appreciate the advice. I usually do a full packer and I love that bark so I let it ride unwrapped the whole time. I actually have an 11 pounder in my fridge I'm going to throw on soon!

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