Salt, Pepper, Smoke. Stop the insanity!

Discussion in 'Other' started by city boy, Oct 24, 2015.

  1. Good beef doesn't need anything else. Today's batch of jerky is Sirloin roast cut fresh by my butcher. Cherry is as much flavor as it needs.
  2. gravey

    gravey Smoke Blower

    So?? How'd it turn out?!?! I wanna know!
  3. @gravey

    It was DELICIOUS! Tasted like beef. I only had smoke on it for 2 hours but kept it at about 150 for 5 hours. [​IMG]  
  4. gravey

    gravey Smoke Blower

    I'd be worried if it tasted otherwise!! I don't get why a lot of jerky has to have so much seasoning. I'm good with curing it, rinsing, and coating in pepper. KISS. Nice job!

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