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Aug 5, 2018
Sometimes you gotta shake that rump!🤣
So I pulled a rump roast out of the freezer and decided to make some sammies with it. I'm really not versed in this cut of meat, but you work with what you got!
Set it out to thaw a few days ago, then this morning I smothered it in mustard, then covered it in garlic salt, black pepper, Italian seasoning and a SPOG seasoning I've been wanting to try. (Never too much garlic....)
Put it in the fridge and went about my Friday runnings. Got back home and got the smoker running at 225 with apple and hickory mix. Let it get to 135° and pulled it and let set on the counter for awhile to cool before I sliced it up.
Went back out and pulled the temp up to 250 to really heat up the beef broth, worchestshire, rump drippings and onions and peppers that were in the pan during the cook.
After the cool down and slicing, I put the meat into the pool of awesomeness and let it ride in the smoker at 160 fir about an hour while I took care of other things.
Took it inside, gave everyone directions on how to make their sandwiches and went out to mow.
Fast forward an hour and a half, I'm making mine own.
Toasted hoagie buns, mayo, beef strips, peppers and onions re heated in the microwave, then topped with provolone and another 30 seconds. Super awesome! It did get a little sloppy on me, so there wasn't many pics towards the end, but sloppy=tasty! Hope you enjoy!
Bet you've never been happier with juices running down your chin... great looking sammy!

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Thanks guys! Twas some pretty good eats and the doggo was happy with the leftover bone! is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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