Rubbed a couple of butts last night

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Looks great. I love an overnight butt smoke, thats how I do most of mine.

Takes all the pressure off of the big question... "is it done yet?" Lol - Answer: "Hell yes its done, been smoking all night!"

Keep up the good work!
Yep. Got the kids home from colllege and friends coming over at 3:00. Not taking any chances on not being ready! Been, there and done that and got several t shirts.
Hey Dennis, your hijacking this guys thread.

Why not start your own thread, so we can see both smokes!

Oh you made me hungry! Stuck on an airplane on the tarmac in Richmond VA and could use a plate of that pork right about now! Looking good!
Six hours in. Internal temp on the left was 160 and the right was 158. I think I'm going to foil one of them and let the other smoke as long as it needs? Forgot to mention a few things in the first post. I rubbed these down with a little mustard and my dry rub, which is very similar to Jeff's rub. The smoker has been running at 250 since the beginning of this smoke.

Looking awesome! It'll be interesting to see what you like better - to foil or not to foil.
​Thanks Dairydennis
 Still haven't foiled one yet since my internal temps are still consistently climbing. I might if they stall but I got 180 on one and 175 on the other. Not supposed to eat till 6:30 or 7 so I got another 4 hours to get to 205. That being said, they probably are stalling as I type this!
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