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  1. Hello everyone!

    I am taking on a new project - you know - because I don't have enough already. So, the new project is a rotisserie lg enough for a whole pig.. or deer, or any of Gods many other tasty animals. I have a basic plan in mind but am at a loss as to what type of motor to use. 

    The basic design is going to be simple - because simple Usually = Cheep. Basically it is this:

    Two stacks of 3 cinder blocks with an  8'  3/4" stainless steel rod spanning them. At one end of the rod will be a roller bearing and at the other will be the motor and associated drive equipment (Chain, gears etc..) and another roller bearing. Along the rod will be various impaling devices used to secure the victim to the rod.   

    So this brings me to my dilemma. what kind of motor should I use? I am shooting for 2 to 3 rpm as a final rotation speed and obviously need a continuous run motor with a decent torque rating. Any Suggestions? think cheep or free... 


  2. daveomak

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    I searched e-bay for months and found a gear motor with 4 RPM....   The RPM can be reduced with a gear box.... or chain and sprockets...  it can be done fairly inexpensively...  You probably will need a motor with capacitor start and run to make it work well....  Dave
  3. smokngun

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    I recently saw a show or video (can't remember which) where they used a windshield wiper motor to run their rotisserie. You could use bicycle sprockets to get the rpm right.
  4. dcarch

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    That would be a good choice, roughly less than $15.00:

    1. it is a 12 Volts DC motor, you can use an old charged up car battery to run it for a long time. Or run it with a car battery charger.

    2. Get a DC PWM motor speed controller (ebay, less than $15.00) to vary the RPM speed. No need to have additional gearing. 

  5. dcarch

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    After my previous post about windshield motor, it occurred to me:

    I have never disassembled one before, but from the looks of it, basically it is a worm gear driven mechanism. It is possible that the gears may be made of plastic to reduce operating noise.

    If that's the case, some degree of heat protection may be a good idea.

  6. radioguy

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    Probably a good idea to check for nylon gears in a WW motor.  You will have to make a stiff power supply to run a DC motor.  It has to run continuous for hours on end.  (it will get HOT/ fail if not big enough)

    I really have no idea of how big, horsepower, torque rating for this use. 

    dcarch also mentioned a PWM controller, this would be the way to go if using a DC motor.  Pulse width modulation controller would give you good speed control with little loss on motor torque.   DC motors are easily reversible. 

    I would try to go with something 110v, like an old Hobart food mixer / meat grinder.  Maybe an old 1/2" Milwaukee motor drill.  It is a bit less complex to do it with gearing, rather than a heavy battery , charger etc..  If you start with something like a third or half HP and then gear it down it should have adequate torque for pork.  Electronic speed control can be had for $5 to about $20

    There are lots of "electronic surplus" places out there.  Google search that term,  Fair Radio is in Lima Ohio. 

  7. dcarch

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    "----I really have no idea of how big, horsepower, torque rating for this use. -----"

    If the load (whole pig?) is well balanced, it will require not much power to turn. Otherwise, a lot of torque will be needed.


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