Rotisserie chicken with QView

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That UDS with the rotisserie puts out some great lookin' birds!

Thanks for sharing

Well first off your birds look awesome and I really like your rotisserie thingy too. Now I have seen one and it had trays hooked up and they called it the rib-alater thingy or something like that. Thye just cut of a top section off another drum and put onto the pther drum so it would have the room to turn and rib trays.
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Fantastic looking birds there and I bet they tasted great too. May I ask what your chamber temp was on your UDS? Looks like direct heat with no diffuser am I correct on that? Thanks!
Thanks for all the compliments guys.  The UDS worked flawlessly, as always.  as you can tell from the PID readout, I had the temps set above 225F....since it was so cold out, I wanted to get the birds up into "safe" range a bit quicker than I upped my temps a bit.  it took about 4 hours for the birds to hit 165-170F

Placebo - there is no diffuser in the UDS....just a coal basket in the bottom where I have lump charcoal, with a few chunks of Cherry wood on top for smoking.

with the PID controller my temps are very well controlled in the drum.

Thanks Dan, appreciate the info. Guess I was so focused on looking for a diffuser I completely overlooked the temp on the PID lol.
Hey Dan,

Haven't run into you for awhile.

Great looking Dizzy Yardbirds !

That last picture is AWESOME !!


please help me understand

what are you controlling with the pid control - a fan?

i have pid on an electric, but dont know how you would control charcoal/wood
 my PID does indeed control a built in stoker fan..instead of opening and closing a ball valve, or unscrewing a cap....when my PID calls for more stoker fan kicks in and sucks in fresh air and blows over the coals in the bottom..thus heating the coals back up.  it can hold a temperature within 3 degrees with this setup for over 12 hours.

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