Rotisserie Baby Backs

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Jul 3, 2021
I said I was gonna, so here we are. Christmas Eve 2022. No shortage of guidance on the web for spinning ribs so off we go... large set of ribs, almost 5 lbs. Extra tender/meaty Smithfield. No kidding.. those are baby backs. Had to trim up a touch, I'll cook the extra piece in the morning for the puppies. Made a basic rib rub minus sugar to avoid burning. Maybe 20 degrees out and falling when this started.


Fixins' for a Maple Bourbon glaze based on a popular recipe.


Man must have fire to cook.


Rubbed up and ready for the heat.


Lid is going on.


Maybe 50 minutes later? I ran no thermometers, just kept an eye on the dome temp for reference. I let them run for about 15 minutes more, IT was 195ish which was higher than I was shooting for before hitting them with the glaze but in the end it all worked out.


Quick cook, but results were killer.




No plate shots. I was full from eating these off the cutting board. Tender and juicy. Hopefully the carrots and greens out of the microwave do their job!

Thanks for looking and Merry Christmas.
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Nicely done, they look juicy as all heck. On my list of ta-do's when I finally get my roto spinning.

Point for sure
Great job! I'd say the microwave is too far away...better just stay for more ribs!

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Man, I’m sorry I missed this! It was during some hectic days here! But, that is awesome! I love it! Really cool cook and beautiful ribs!
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It was Christmas eve, so I'm sure you all were busy with other things. Me, I drank and spun ribs. I highly recommend trying this.
I missed it too . Those look fantastic . I did a half slab on the roto in my air fryer . Really tender . Been wanting to try it on the kettle .
Nice work .
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I can't wait to do it again, but I have other things I want to spin so.. someday. As to the time, I was guestimating (and certainly having cocktails) but all said and done they took no longer than 1.5 hours.
I missed it too, but sure like the way that cook turned out! I had thoughts of spinning a rack of spares but wasn't quite sure how to pull the trigger. Some creative thought process there, nice work! RAY
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