Rosemary smoked brisket

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Jul 28, 2013
S.W. Mo
Yesterday I rubbed down a 6 pound brisket flat with salt and pepper and fired up the stick burner.  The wife and I started doing some spring yard work after the temp was stable and the first thing we did was hit the garden.  We grow a few different herbs and the brutally cold winter had killed the tops of our Rosemary bushes.  I was cutting those back when the wife said "Why don't you put those in the smoker"?  Killer idea, say's I, and proceeded to cut up the branches and leaves into short sections and added a handful to the fire every 5 minutes or so until I used up the supply.

Let me tell you, the smoke coming from the stack smelled GOOOOOOD!! 

After the brisky had been cooking close to three hours, the wife decided we needed to run to town ( a short 45 minute drive:-) and pick up more potting soil and some new plants, so I foiled the brisket with some apple juice, struck it in a 250° oven and away we went.  Got home around 5:00 and the brisky was only at 165° IT.  Knowing my best friend's Son would be here soon, and would be ravenous, I reluctantly cranked up the oven temp to 300° to speed up the cooking a bit.  At 7:00 the IT was 195° and Michael was here, so I sliced off the thinner end so we could eat and put the rest back in the oven for another hour to tenderize a bit more.  Fixed a bowl of mashed taters, made gravy with the drippings and it was heavenly!!!!  We could just taste a hint of the rosemary, but it was enough to add another subtle layer of flavor to the meat

Sorry for no Q view.  was too danged busy with the new plants
Sounds like a Great day & Great food, Radio!!!

We could use a little Spring up here too!!

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