Rolling a fatty?

Discussion in 'Sausage' started by promise'cajunbiker, Nov 23, 2007.

  1. I have done a lot of reading on the fattys and even tried one last smoke. I was a very unsuccessful roll. The fatty tasted good, but was dubbed the ball of crap. Can someone point me in the right direction, maybe how do you roll your fatties?[​IMG]
  2. homebrew & bbq

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    I've only done a couple of rolled fatties (I sorta prefer the plain ones). What I discovered was that I needed to be working with at least 2 pounds of sausage. Less than that either made the meat too thin or too small of rectangle to really work with. By keeping the sausage "base" thicker, it didn't split open and leak fillings out.

    I rolled the ones I've done like a jelly roll, but from the Q-view I've seen around here it looks like some folks just fold them over.

    That's just my experience. I hope it gives you some ideas that might help.
  3. vlap

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    Roll your sausage out on top of a sheet of aluminum foil (this worked for me) parchment paper (wax) or plastic wrap. After rolling it out and adding your stuffing use the edges of the wrap to get the roll started by lifting 2 corners and allowing the meat to roll over. It may need a little help initially getting unstuck from the wrap but once off the rest should peel away nicely. Use the wrap (or paper) to continue lifting it allowing to roll off of your paper. When down to the end (all meat rolled) use the wrap to squeeze it into a tighter roll You can also use the wrap as a casing to move it around until you roll it onto the grates of the smoker.
    Hope this helps.
  4. maybe i just had too much filling in it.
  5. vlap

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    Too much stuffing can cause it to break apart when rolling it.
  6. Hence the ball of crap after being frustrated. Halfway thinking about just taking a lb of sausage and stuffing one of those cheese twist things in it.
  7. vlap

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    Heck If it bursts just take the whole thing and knead it together which would cause the stuffing to be dispersed throughout the entire thing more like a meatloaf. Smoke it like that. There is always a fix [​IMG]
  8. glued2it

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    I like do kinda like what Vlap said.
    The first time I tried to roll a fatty the sausage stuck to the cutting board. So I tried foil and that worked better.

    I found if you spray the foil with Pam it doesn't stick so bad. Then I roll it up like like cigarette, I don't lick it to stick it though.[​IMG]

    Also after I get flat on the foil I put it in freezer for a couple of minutes to stiffen the sausage. it seems to fall apart more when rolling it if not.
  9. yeah, im thinking i definately had too much stuff in it. think on this next one im gonna use the kiss theory( keep it simple stupid).
  10. richtee

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    I'm with Vlap. What I'll do is make sure I have enough of the waxed paper left at the edges to twist them up, and then pressin on the ends to "square 'em up". then I unwrap, and poke in on the ends to seal them.
  11. flattop

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    I had the same problem rolling them too. Now what I do is press out a little gulley in the middle of the sausage roll....kinda like making a canoe in it. Then I just put the filling in it and seal it back up.
  12. triple b

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    I like that idea,I think I'll try that next time.
  13. What I do, and I am FAR from being an expert, is to roll the sausage out on plastic wrap. Place the goodies on the sausage. Then I roll it together as tightly as I can.

    I twist the ends of the plastic wrap together and place in the fridge over night (with the plastic wrap around the fatty holding it tight. That seems to firm everything up the ends stick together better, makes for a tighter fatty.

  14. squeezy

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    Smear a little oil on whatever you are using to roll the fatty with ... shouldn't stick so much!
  15. deejaydebi

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    I'm with Squeezy on this one spray your plastci or foil with a non stick spray before you start and it won't stick.

    And - if your using plastic or foil and it seems to be falling apart leave it wrapped and throw it on the smoker for about 15 minutes until the heat fuses it together then roll it out and continue as normal.
  16. minn.bill

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    20 years ago rolling a fatty had nothin to do with smoking sausage.oh how life changes.[​IMG]
  17. deejaydebi

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    Only 20 eh? Sheesh! Just a kid! [​IMG]
  18. zapper

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    Plastic wrap here. (Getting the plastic out of the box is the toughest part)

    Cool meat does help and cut back on the porportions of fillings! And I tend to think that after a point of adding stuff, it becomes a pork sausage meat loaf and should maybe have a different nick name[​IMG]
  19. squeezy

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    Fatties and Rolled Fatties .... [​IMG]
  20. swkegelguy

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    From the pictures I have seen on here it appears the waxy side of butcher paper is where you would start with the rolling of a fatty. [​IMG]

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