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night owl

Original poster
Nov 7, 2006
Greetings from the Pacific Northwest.
I live in Washington, and look forward to learning from you.

I love to cook for the family and friends. Smoking foods is something I want to learn more about.
For now I will go the electric smoker route.
Looks like Masterbuilt just came out with an updated version of their electric smoker that had recall issues. The website has a new look to it.

Anyway, I am interested in smoking meats, salmon, vegetables, and cold smoking cheese.

For now I need to do more research on what would be a good purchase to make.


Night Owl
Welcome to SMF Night Owl. If you want to learn, you definately came to the right place.
I would start out with an ECB. It's a great entry level smoker. And inexpensive too. I think you can buy upgrades if you need them, such as an electric element or propane. If not, you can modify it yourself with an electric hot plate or do what a friend did and add the propane burner from a fish fryer. Then you won't have that big an investment if you decide smokin' ain't your thing, or you want to upgrade to a bigger smoker.
Welcome to SMF Night Owl. I bet you can get some great Salmon up in your neck of the woods.

If you don't mind my asking, what part of Washington? Alot of beautiful country up there, I always enjoyed being there.
Welcome to the board Night Owl. If you want to do research, your @ the right place.

I use a big woodburner and do mostly hot smoking. I can cold smoke w/ my c'coal grill and a hot plate, or for that matter, I can do the same w/ my woodburner.

I'm considering buying an electric or gas unit because I have a few cold smoke recipes that are very temp specific, and a woodburner isn't that precise.

For hot smoking, we feel that you can't equal the results that you get w/ a good hot hardwood fire.

That's our $.02 worth of input.
I live just outside of Olympia, WA.
Yes, you don't have to go far to fish for salmon up here.
Actually I like to eat halibut more than salmon.
At this point I want to research various electric models and manufacturers.
I prefer a side-loading smoker, with a built in thermostat.
Night Owl: Welcome to the forum!

You might want to check out this link

When trying to maintain the cold smoke temps smoke generation can be
a problem with an electric smoker The smokers with a rheostate may not be able to support combustion. My Masterbuilt probably wont either
since it would not be in the ON mode very often. Something to consider :cry:
Night Owl, Welcome to SMF. Nothing wrong about going with an electric smoker-'cept when the power goes out ;). Have you had a chance to look through the threads in the Electric Smoker Forums?

Yes, I am reading thru the Electric Somker Forums.
Yeah the power could go out, we get wind storms up this way.
Electric smoking is the best choice for me currently.
i am not a expert at cold smoking.

most low dollar electic bullet [vertical] smokers
cannot keep it cool.

my char-broil low temp is about 135/140 f.

for real cold smoke you could put chips in pie pan--
then pour a couple shots of 100 proof or higher liquor
on the chips--
wait 1/or 2 minutes--
thin light with match--
a few seconds later ---not many--
smother flame .
remove smother device--
place in cooking unit---

you then have smoke.
with out a lot of heat.

i learned this from fellow forum member steve gasden.
from member bbq-bob i learned that a couple of lit charcoal pieces
helps chips burn.

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