RivalKCSmoker Who owns? Any tips?

Discussion in 'Electric Smokers' started by rvrivalkc, Mar 16, 2008.

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    OK so many people think the Rival KC Smoker is a TOY, but we RV and it is nice to take along.
    WHo else uses this 'TOY' smoker?

    What have you smoked?

    Any tips?

    Here is a tip- Soak 5 cups of wood chips in water over night, drain. Then use foil to line wood chip compartment in bottom of smoker. Put 1 cup of chips in foil. Fold over and make a little pouch. Place in zip lock bag. Repeat on other 4 cups of chips. Place Zip lock in freezer. The night before you are going to smoke (when you are fixing the meat) pull a pouch out of zip lock bag and place in smoker. It will be ready when you are to smoke. When you use last pouch repeat process. This way you will always have soaked wood chips ready.

    Jerry Christie
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    They are a couple other members that use the Rival KC smoker.... I know I have seen some mods on here for it......I would just do a search for the posts..........I thought about getting one when walmart was clearencing them out this winter.....But I am looking for a bigger smoker then the little cheifs I have now......The rivals looked like nice units when you are limited on space........I don't think they are toys, but they do have a few short comings........But hey nothing is perfect, its what works for you that matters.......Post some q-view for us.......
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    I bought one of these 3 yrs. ago and loved it.  My sister-in-law went back to PA to visit and saw them at Wal-mart on clearance and bought the last 2 at $20.00/ea and had them shipped UPS for $10.00/ea.  I've about burned out the 1st one and just starting to use #2.  We have done brisket, chicken, cornish hens,  Boston Butt, pork loin, beef tenderloin, whole Prime rib & even did some tuna a few weeks ago on high and it was better than grilled.  Not dry.  I have found that not soaking the wood works best and no water in pan.  The way it is designed the moisture goes up and rolls off the lid and keeps meats plenty moist.  My favorite wood to use is pecan hulls.  Every year I ask every one I know who shells their own pecans to save me the hulls---less the bad pecans they find when shelling.  Don't know what I will do when I burn out #2 and #3 being they are no longer being made.  Guess I will just enjoy the ride for now.  Steve A. Dagro

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