Ring Bologna and Chub Bologna

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Nov 7, 2019
Central Ca
I didn't have enough ring casings so I mixed in some fibrous casings. This time I am using Pittsburgh spice Deer Bologna seasoning and I added some high temp pepper jack to the ring bologna. Finished stuffing all 25 pounds and cleaned up the mess now it's time for some Crown Royal and the recliner!! I will toss them in the smoker in the next day or so and post an update on the sliced bolognaView attachment 526807View attachment 526808

Here's the ingredients for the bologna.

The deer trim and some already

ground deer and pork butt to make the 25 pounds.

All ground up twice and mixed with spices and cure and adding the pepper jack for the last minute of mixing

This is my 8 quart Enterprise mixer Proudly "Made in the USA"

Here's the ring casings pre soaked

Here's the first ring sausage

I didn't have enough collagen casings so I finished the bologna with some mahogany casings


Finished product going into the smoker next.
Nice job man! Love that stuffer…. and nice job on stuffing!

Bet that Crown will taste even better with some bologna! 😉
Nice write up and pics. Always like to see others set up..........:emoji_thumbsup:
Very nice PJ................ A slice of that and an ice cold beer... Priceless
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