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lee forst

Smoke Blower
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Jun 8, 2007
Good old U-S-of-A
The ribs went on at 10:00 this morning. Here is a pic of them before going in with mustard and Jeff's rub. I also took a pic of them before I wrapped them in foil (3-2-1), but the camera was fuzzy. More pics to come...
I haven't done ribs yet, what kind are you doing and I will look forward to
more pics. That will be what I try next
I'm smoking these for a friend that just moved. He bought the meat, but I have three racks of pork ribs and then four packages of country-style ribs. Last night I smothered them with yellow mustard and used Jeff's rub . I'm using the 3-2-1 method to cook them. I have been spraying them with apple juice along the way.

The Fatties are on as well as some ABTs. Here in a little bit I will be unwrapping the ribs for their final cook time. It sure does smell good out there. Pictures to come...
The verdict is in and we have a winner. Folks enjoyed the ribs. IMHO, the racks were a little tough, but the country-style ribs were great. The smoker got a workout this weekend and so did the cook. Now that my belly is full its time to clean the smoker and go hit the hay.
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