Ribs without the smoke?

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Jun 3, 2007
New Bedford, MA
My wife doesn't care for the smoke taste of hickory and was wondering how the ribs come out with just the rub and slow cooked at 225 using plain old Kingsford Charcoal. I would probably mop them with a 50/50 of apple juice and canola oil. What do you guys think, any good? I guess it's worth a try.

i don't care for hickory either. i use mesquite. i also use oak, pecan, and silver maple. can you get any other wood.
Have you tried any of the fruit woods?
I've used cherry wood and it came out with a very light smoke flavor. She might like that!
Apple is still one of my favorites. Works well with the 50/50 apple juice and Jack spray
I would definitely try the fruit woods, the tastes are much milder. I use a mix of Hickory and Apple. Very little Hickory mostly Apple.
You could also try citrus, or grape. And yes, you can have good BBQ using no smoking wood/s. The thing to remember is smoke is a seasoning, some people like it some don't
Also, if you and your family enjoy it, bingo, it's a winner.
Thanks for the help everyone. I'm gonna look around to see what I can get my hands on as far as woods go. I'm also gonna do some research on smokers so I can figure out what one I'm gonna trade my wife in for.
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