ribs in the snow

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today is not a good day to smoke ribs, but i needed to clean the driveway free on snow, so i can back to work tomorrow..
so  i started up the smoker.then got it up to temp.got the ribs ready for the smoke.

got the old smoker up to temp, and away the ribs go....

they smoked about 4*5 hours or so, then saused.
these ribs are going to taste good after shoveling snow almost all day.

thanks for lookin

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DL, I'll let you use my snowblower! 
 good looking rack of ribs !
i wish i new a better way to clean up that darn snow better than a shovel. does not snow enough to invest in a snow blower. maybe you fellows further north that gets more snow, knows a better way.. PLEASE HELP.... and al i am waiting on pictures.

I have a plow on my work truck but I still shovel a lot. Tasty looking ribs!:drool
Snowblower and grandkids - that's my secret to doing little shoveling..........................

Don't worry, it will probably melt in the next day or 2. We got 8 inches of snow over the weekend and it was 8 degrees this morning. After that we go to 48 degrees and rain by mid-week.

That's New England weather..............
Slipaway you sure are lucky to have your grandkids living so close that they can help you, mine live 9 hours away.We got 8 inches also and the temp this morning was 0 degrees, but like you said, in a couple of days it will all be gone. But how long until the new snow storm.

Those look great. I did a lil snow smoker action myself today. Went with 3-1-1. With the last two hours in the oven. I sadly still have around 30" on the ground with more in the near future and no end in sight lol. Great winter to live in North Dakota lol
For the snow Get a push blade for your atv or if you don't have one it could be a good excuse to get the atv you want. My bride didn't buy it but it might work for you.
Good luck
Danny ribs look great,we only had 4 inches real light snow.My sons friend has a shoveling bussines so I let him do it LOL


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