Ribs and Tri-tip today!

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Feb 2, 2014
Rhode Island
With the 45 degree swing in temps I need to do some smoking.

After seeing cansmoke cansmoke thread on ribs I pulled a rack out of the freezer last night and it was fully thawed this morning so I hit with a saltless Jeff's rub and back in the fridge for a few hours so that rub has some time on it,would've like an overnight sit but oh well.I also went to the meat market yesterday and got another tri-tip,it was so good last time I had to do it again!That's got nothing but a little salt and cracked pepper on it.Can't have those ribs feeling all lonely.

I'll post up method(s) and results when done...And more pics!


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Sounds like a fine day in store for you! All I season beef with is S&P too, it's all it needs. RAY

The ribs went in the MES first with a full tube of apple dust and the Auber set at 265 to expedite things.That shaved almost 2 hours off my usual cook time.I like them with some bite...not a fall off the bone guy.Sauced with Baby Rays and on the Q for a quick crisping...I kinda like the sauce with a little char.

The tri-tip went in afterward with a 1/4 tube of char/hickory dust and reduced the temp to 250.Took about an hour and a half to get to 115.Gave it very quick sear on the Q and got it up to 120 because I was going for really rare because Jane has plans for leftovers and the ends were right at med-rare so it worked out well.

Side was nothing more than a basic house salad.Iceburg,red onion,cukes and some homemade croutons.

For some reason this is around the third time the plated shot won't upload.


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Most excellent meal Norm. Nicely done

Point for sure
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Thanks everyone.

Looking forward to see what Jane wants to do with leftover tri-tip!
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Wow. Some fine looking grub going on there. The ribs look great but you absolutely nailed that tri tip. That looks perfect!! Nice work all around.

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