Ribeye, Creamy Dill Cucumbers and Keto Cornbread Squash Casserole

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Aug 1, 2018
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I use to make a cornbread squash casserole that was so good. I decided I wanted to try to Keto it up. I bought a box of King Arthur Keto cornbread mix. I got to say it is pretty good. Not cornbread but it taste good. I have some Corn Extract coming and will be trying to make my own. I ended up combining 4 recipes into one. Good luck making this again but note to self use 1/2 cup sour cream and half cup milk.

IMG_20230707_132221208.jpg IMG_20230707_132303881_HDR.jpg

Made some trinity and crumbled 9 of the cornbread.

IMG_20230707_141731315.jpg IMG_20230707_141740173.jpg

This is where I dropped my phone into the butter, oil garlic. Then when picked it up dropped it on the other side for good measures. Good thing getting new Tracfone tomorrow. People keep saying I breaking up. Going back to Samsung. Friend gave me some wild elephant garlic. I love that stuff.


Guy at the river gave me this squash and will be getting some of it back. Saute it. Added a bit of water as this was a bit tough:


Mix it all up with can of cream of roasted garlic mushroom soup. Man I love that stuff. Recipe calls for chicken. Also some cheese and jalapeno's. This turned really good. Maybe not as good as real corn bread but I would make it again.

IMG_20230707_143225781.jpg IMG_20230707_143228725.jpg

IMG_20230707_150442190_HDR.jpg IMG_20230707_150448992_HDR.jpg

Made some creamy dill cucumbers and they really turned out good. Basil and dill about the only things doing good in hydro garden. First off I will never do a steak again without dry bring. I just use what ever seasoning I planned on using. I did one the last time out of same batch without and did not care for it. Dry brine really makes a huge difference. I start in early morning. I went back several years to how I use to do them. Lawry's salt, garlic and cayenne. Why did I ever stop? This was just an incredible meal.

IMG_20230707_151243704_HDR.jpg IMG_20230707_155805627_HDR.jpg

IMG_20230707_160702367_HDR.jpg IMG_20230707_160746279.jpg

My blueberry wine is now pretty awesome. Never expected anything close to this good.


Got my KitchenAid Vegetable Sheet Cutter today. Planning on having some fun with that!
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I could get on board with that! Looks delicious!
Sounds and looks great Brian. Nicely done

Point for sure
Great meal Brian! I actually boil my cubed zucchini for about 4 minutes before doing the casseroles. Helps with tenderness and although counter intuitive it actually reduces the amount of liquid it puts off in the casserole.
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