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rib hooks

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by ralphed, Nov 7, 2013.

  1. ralphed

    ralphed Fire Starter

    Do you have to use more than 1 per rib rack? I want to hang some and was thinking that I have to chain a couple together and support the ribs at a couple points to keep the ribs from falling apart.

    thanks all,

  2. so ms smoker

    so ms smoker Master of the Pit Group Lead OTBS Member

      Hi ralphed, just hang them so they don't touch

  3. Hang ribs? 


    I use rib racks in my MES.  Made by Masterbuilt, they each hold 5 halved ribs (St Louis Cut).  They do not fall apart that way
  4. I agree with the above statement.  If you "hang" ribs I think you would risk them getting tender and falling to the bottom of your smoker.  Use rib racks or the racks your smoker came with.
  5. ralphed

    ralphed Fire Starter

    I've been using the supplied shelves and thinking of getting a rib rack or 2. Something to increase capacity of my ST1400.

    I was worried about them falling apart if I hang them.

    But I have some 316Lss TIG wire that would make good strong hooks.....

    Thanks all,

  6. genek

    genek Smoke Blower

     I think these came out ok when I did them last April.

    I've got a small smoker and I hang a lot of things, pastrami, bacon and others to get more into the smoker.

  7. ralphed

    ralphed Fire Starter

    Those are some pretty serious meat hooks!

    Thanks for the pics.

  8. genek

    genek Smoke Blower

    They are sold as bacon hooks. Since I have a Smoke Hollow vertical propane smoker. It is only 15 or 16 inches wide by about 14 inches deep. I think I got these from Butcher and Packer, just search for bacon hooks. Mine are 9 inches wide.

    I put ribs on the hooks with the membrane toward the hook and the points coming out the meat side. I don't remove the membrane on my ribs because I grew up liking to chew it off the ribs.

  9. You, Gene, do it as you need to, I will do it as I want to, anybody else can do it as they want to, that is the beauty of this forum, we can get on here and ask a question or show our ways of doing things.  You have a small smoker, mine is slightly larger.  This is called Life.  Rock on, if the ribs taste good, enjoy them!